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    There are many themed parties these days, and people always love themed parties. They can be as simple as wearing a particular color, or dressing after a particular concept. Halloween themed party is one of the most interesting themed parties out there, and I will tell you why – you get to dress up for Halloween twice or more in a year.

    Halloween themed parties work well for both kids and adults. A fascinating fact about it is that it takes quite some time and resources to pull one – the games, foods, drinks, and the costumes. That sounds like a lot of effort and money, but if you plan well, you may not have to spend too much in pulling a great Halloween costume themed party.


    Here are three really important things you must put into consideration while planning

    Just like you plan for Halloween, try to plan for your Halloween themed parties weeks, or even months earlier. Make sure you know what Halloween costume you want to wear and get it ready before time. Send out your invitations on time to help your guests prepare on time too.


    There are a lot of ways to be unique without going overboard when planning a Halloween party. Remember, you’re responsible for your guest, so it is better to make things simple enough for you to handle.

    When planning menus and decorations, stick to ideas you have tried successfully in the past; or anyone recommended by a trust worthy friend.


    A lot of things can go wrong in parties and you need to be prepared for this. A very good place to start from is to be sure of the identity of the people in attendance. It is a Halloween costume party, and guest may want to cover their faces. Try to get them to identify themselves to avoid having an uninvited and seemingly dangerous guest.

  • A Pharaoh costume could be one of Best Halloween Costume Ideas

    A Pharaoh costume could be one of Best Halloween Costume Ideas

    The Ancient Egyptian theme is definitely one of the most colorful, fashionable and representing of one of the most ancient history one can imagine. The Pharaoh Costume motif is just simply amazing. You want to know why:

    The Ancient Egyptian theme

    The ancient kingdom of Egypt was one of the first major ancient civilizations in the Middle East and occidental parts of the world. It's sense of style and culture has remained with us through time and even to the contemporary. There is something fascinating about Egypt; perhaps it is their Pyramids or the other ancient Egyptian monuments. Whatever it is, this ancient civilization still fascinates people.

    Why wouldn’t they have the best Halloween Costumes?

    We are constantly intrigued by how they lived and what they looked like as a people. Their dress sense is classy and sometimes sexual. We are even intrigued by how they looked when they were dead. The civilization has inspired tales about all powerful deadly mummies, as well as love stories such Antony and Cleopatra.

    These tales from the ancient times is the inspiration behind these great costume ideas. Take a look at the mummy costume. This is basically a lot of linen or ragged sheets wrapped around you, with a few slits for the eyes, an air hole for the mouth and some stains to make it look old, and you are good to go. There are even more elaborate mummy style costumes that turn the look into a fashionable dress.

    There are also the Antony and Cleopatra costumes. These have come in countless variations, especially on the Cleopatra outfit. Some can be quite simple with a plain white dress and a few Egyptian accessories, while others are made to be extremely elaborate with different matching wigs and makeup to fit.

    The last costume, and probably the most popular and best Halloween costume of the Egyptian blend is the Pharaoh costume. They can come in a white or black full length tunic with an elaborate Egyptian styled head piece. This is really original and would make a great impression at a party.


  • Men’s 70’s Costumes Ideas

    Men’s 70’s Costumes Ideas to Mimic a 70s Disco Fashion
    70’s costumes to mimic a disco fashion will typically feature bell bottom pants, platform shoes, and shiny, clingy fabrics. The trick is to go for loud designs and fabrics instead of modest and muted looks.
    If you decide to look 70s with your disco fashion as a man, clothing items that would typically play the trick include bell bottom pants, collared shirts, and platform shoes. You may also complement the look with features such as medallions and suit jackets.
    Here are tips and ideas for men on how to dress in order to replicate 70s disco fashion;
    Put on a Collared Shirt
    Collared shirt is one of the most suitable clothing items for men who want to dress in disco 70s fashion. You should particularly go for bold prints or metallic colors. Typical example of bold prints is the leopard patterns. Other great clothing elements for men’s 70s disco costumes include satin and spandex.
    Look for a 70’s Style Suit Jacket
    You would certainly bring back the 70s memories by putting on 70’s style suit jacket, with the sleeves flaring out toward your wrists. And, the best fabric for the jacket is satin, since disco jackets of those days were designed to reflect light with satin materials. You can also wear a polyester suit jacket that comes in a bright pastel or white color.
    Expose Your Chest Slightly
    70s disco guys had the habit of unbuttoning few buttons of their shirt from the top, slightly revealing their chests. And, it was also popular to see guys in those days turning the collars of their shirts up.
    Go for Bell bottom Pants
    It was trendy to put on bell bottom pants in the 70s. Achieve a perfect 70s look with your bell bottom pants by going for a material as well as color that matches your suit jacket. But, if you don’t intend to wear a suit jacket, go for bottom pants with metallic color and bold features. You should ensure your pants hang on your waist. They should also flare out down your ankle starting from your knees.
    Complement Your Outfit with Platform Shoes
    As mentioned earlier, platform shoes were essential part of the 70s costumes to achieve a disco fashion. So, you should complement your 1970s costumes with preferably black platform shoes.
    Adorn Your Neck with a Medallion Necklace
    Your 70s costumes for a disco look would be more complete with a medallion necklace. Wear the necklace so that it rests on the part of your chest that is exposed. The medallion should be slightly long to make a real seventies fashion statement for a disco look.
    Finally, to create a complete 70s disco look with your 70s costumes, wear voluminous hair. Style your hair to reflect as much volume as possible.

  • Halloween Costumes for Women

    Halloween Costumes for Women – Ideas to Dress like a Pinky Lady from Grease

    Dress up like a pink lady this Halloween with your costumes for women. The best place to collect your pink lady from the musical Grease costume is online costume stores. These stores also offer decade costumes such as 1950s costumes. While you can create your own costume at home, this can be a time-consuming endeavor, although it could be fun as well.

    If you choose to create your own at home, start by looking into your closet for the right clothing items. And, if grandma stays close by, you will be better off looking into her closet. A hairdo seen by the popular 50s girls will finish this look properly.

    Tip #1: Ideas for the Pink Lady Jacket

    Put on a man’s button-down bowling shirt, pink color preferably. This would serve as Pink Ladies’ jacket. You should make an embroidery that reads “Pink Ladies” on the back of the jacket. Another option is to use the print-on method to place the logo on the shirt using iron-on transfer paper.

    Tip #2: Inscribe Your Favorite Pink Lady’s Name on the Outfit

    Again, use embroidery method to inscribe your favorite pink Lady’s name on the shirt’s front left. Get a solid-color fitted shirt and layer it under the embroidered shirt. Do this carefully and creatively.

    Tip #3: Go for Black Leggings of Pencil Skirt

    When mimicking Pink Ladies with your costumes for women, your choice of bottoms should be black pencil skirt or leggings. And, whether you chose leggings or pencil skirt, calf-length is most appropriate. If you decide to mimic Jan with your Halloween outfit, your best bet would be an over-the-knee flared, plaid skirt.

    Tip #4: Go for Spike Heals

    Complement your Pink Lady costume with spike heels. But, if you insist on dressing up like Jan, flats and white bobby socks will be more appropriate as these would perfectly replicate Jan’s look.

    Tip #5: Accessorize Appropriately

    You want to ensure that your Pink Lady Halloween costume is as authentic as possible. In that case you need to use the most relevant accessories, which should be in line with the particular Pink Lady you’re trying to copy.

    Generally, all Pink Ladies used silky scarves around their neck. And, if you choose to replicate Rizzo more than the rest, you should complement your costume with oversized dark shades. For the rest of the Pink Ladies, cat-eyed pair of glasses is just suitable.

    Tip #6: Wear a Suitable Hairdo

    When it comes to Pink Lady hairdo, you have tons of options. One way is to mimic Marty’s soft curls achieved with hair rollers. Alternatively, you can copy Jan’s hairdo which is to style your hair in a ponytail.

    You can also replicate Frenchy’s pinkish red hair with a temporal hair color, then style it into soft curls. If your hair is short, you already have perfect hair that will achieve a Rizzo look.

    Take advantage of these tips to look like a Pink Lady this Halloween with your women's Halloween costumes.

  • Best 70’s Costumes Party Ideas for Men

    Best 70’s Costumes Party Ideas for Men
    One of the great ways to outshine others and corner all the attention to yourself in a 70s theme party is to go for 70’s costumes and accessories. Indeed, the 70s decade was characterized by bold and hippie fashion statement, for both men and women. Thinking of how to put your clothing items together for a 70s theme party? Read on to find great ideas.
    Tip #1: Head Online
    The internet should be your first port of call for quick and versatile seventies costume options. Online costume stores stock a wide array of decades costumes – 20s costumes, 60s costumes, 70s costumes, and just any decade costumes. Also, you can walk into a retro clothing store and explore versatile popular men’s fashions in the 70s.
    Tip #2: Select Bell bottom Jeans and Trousers
    Now, when you go online or walk into retro fashion stores, look for bell bottom trousers and jeans. These were the staple back in the days, for men.
    The hippies in this era were in love with tight-fitting tie-dyed T-shirts and tunics. Wear platform shoes to complement your hippie 1970s clothing. You can also wear moccasins or sandals. For a real weird 70s hippie look, you should rather go bare feet.
    Tip #3: Mimic a 70s Disco Look
    Make a 70s disco fashion statement in a theme party with tight polyester suits. These clothing items were the staple on disco floors back in the days. Go for a satin shirt that features butterfly collar.
    Unbutton the top part of your shirt to show off a large shiny medallion worn round your neck. Wear matching boots or platform dress shoes to complement this look. You can get more ideas for 70s disco look by watching the “Saturday Night Fever” iconic movie.
    Ideas for Hairstyles and Accessories
    Your 70’s costumes can only be complete with the right hairdo and accessories. Style your hair in straight and long manner using curling iron. Feather the ends of your hair by flipping them up – get idea from Farrah Fawcett as seen on “Charlie’s Angels.” Alternatively, you can wear an afro wig.
    For accessories, you should go for very loud and bold jewelry pieces as seen with men in the 70s. Other good choices include flashy, large rings and pendants that trap the disco light.  The hippie accessories included friendship bracelets, beads and pendants with peace symbols, for a more complete 70s hippie and disco fashion statement.
    The good news is, it is easy to come by these 70s costumes and accessories. Head to online costume stores or visit the nearest Goodwill store. There are versatile options to choose from and the attendants can also assist you willingly. Go ahead and implement these tips and ideas.

  • Costumes For Women - Ideas and Tips for a Pirate Costume

    Costumes For Women - Ideas and Tips for a Pirate Costume
    There are tons of fun and exciting costumes for women out there, whether it is for a themed party or Halloween. Try a pirate costume for a themed party or Halloween with the tips in this post.
    The great news is that you may not spend a dime on your pirate costume. But, this is if you decide to go for a homemade version. On the other hand, if you want a costume made with attention to details and precision, you will be better off going for pre-made pirate costume. Besides, the pre-made options are handy, you can purchase one even at the last minutes.

    Midnight Musketeer Pirate Midnight Musketeer Pirate

    The Basics
    Start by deciding whether you prefer to be a woman or man pirate. You will look better ‘girling’ up a pirate outfit for males since a number of the female pirate depictions do not look appropriate.
    Look for a Pirate Image
    This is a great idea to guide you in crafting your pirate costume for women. However, it is not really necessary to get a pirate image. However, if there is something really unique about a specific pirate you want to replicate with the costume, then you need to find a pirate image.
    Start Making the Pirate Costumes
    Start with the top using a T-shirt. Go for a white large t-shirt. If you’re crafting pirate crew costume, don’t bother making a very fanciful shirt like the one intended for a pirate captain. To create an impression of rugged sloppiness, you should make a larger shirt.
    Now, it’s time to sculpt. Make it appear as though you’re a bit worse for the outfit. Create an impression of ruggedness by cutting areas of the t-shirt. Cut the sleeves’ ends off in a jagged manner. Cut off the t-shirt’s button. Hems are not necessary for pirates. Also, cut the t-shirt’s hemline off.
    Next, Use fabric paint to paint blue stripes across your t-shirt and don’t forget to paint lines around the t-shirt’s sleeves. You don’t have to make it perfect since a touch of raggedness is a good feature of a pirate costume. When the paint dries, paint the other side of the t-shirt when you flip the t-shirt over.
    It’s time to Make the Pirate Pants
    If your target is a simple or conservative look, you should go for a dark colored pair of pants. The accessories and other aspects of the costume will make the noise. You don’t have to make a statement with your pants, bearing in mind that no pirate donned floral-design pants in the days of yore.
    Alternatively, you can go for a long skirt in place of pants, wearing a petticoat underneath. Making it to billow out is the best and would look better than trousers for female pirates.
    Finally, don a pirate hat to complement your pirate costumes for women.

  • 60s Costumes – Hippie Costume Ideas for a Guy

    60s Costumes – Hippie Costume Ideas for a Guy

    The easiest way to come up with your 60s costumes for a hippie guy look is to buy ready-made pieces from Alternatively, you can make one from the scratch and integrate your preferred features. Of course, an online decade costume store can customize your 1960s costume to suit your taste.

    Hippie Guy Clothing

    If you really want your costume to spell out authentic hippie look, you must embrace clothing items such as bell bottoms, hemp jewelry, tie-dye, and even symbols that are characteristic of the 60s hippie look. These include love and peace symbols.

    Loose-fitting Shirts

    Purchase a loose-fitting t-shirt from a vintage or decade clothing store. Customize the t-shirt for a 60s look by drawing a peace or love symbol or tie-dying it. The Dashiki was a loose-fitting, big shirt style that became a staple in the 60s. It was mostly worn by West African men. Your local thrift store is a great place to look for such popular 60s apparel.

    Bellbottom Jeans

    If you want to go traditional with your hippie look as a guy, you certainly cannot do without bell-bottom jeans. Look for your size online or in thrift stores. Alternatively, you can get an old jeans of yours and cut about 6 or 8 inches opening at the bottom and integrate a couple of brightly colored fabrics to make the jeans’ bottom wider. Don’t forget that your bellbottom jeans should be paired with simple vest.

    Hippie Guy Hairdo and Face

    Clothing alone won’t provide you with very authentic 60s hippie boy look. For a perfect hair that matches your 60s costumes for a hippie look perfectly, stay natural with your hair. It’s better this way than doing anything to your hair.

    But, if you’re not too pleased with plain natural hair, some simple steps can enhance your hairdo. For instance, run your fingers through your hair to finger-comb it. This is a great way to obtain a free-flying and more natural hair appearance. However, you don’t have to finger-comb very short hair. Styling your hair won’t provide you with authentic hippie guy look.


    Real hippie boys back in the 60s wore scarf as headbands to complement their hippie look. Doing the same will also complement your 60s costumes for a hippie look perfectly. Also, full beards, goatees, long sideburns and mustaches were some of the popular facial features that highlighted a hippie look.


    There were three categories of shoes that completed the hippie look back in the days. They are clogs, sandals or barefoot. The trick is to keep it simple but cute. Sunglasses are among the most important part of the hippie look, alongside long neck jewelry with peace symbol.

    Learn more ideas and tips for 60's costumes in our subsequent posts.

  • 90s Costumes – Themed Clothing Tips and Tricks for Couples

    90s Costumes – Themed Clothing Tips and Tricks for Couples
    Just like the 80s, the 90s was an era of diverse fashion options. Well, one could say it’s a spillover from 80s fashion boom. Anyway, the trend changed in the 90s but the fashion rage from the previous decade did not die down. The 90s costumes and fashion trend changed gear, offering popular options such as the grunge fashion that tended towards more of casual wears.
    For couples seeking to bring back the 90s clothing in a more fashionable way, there are tons of inspirations, tips and tricks to help you achieve the feat. Keep reading to uncover the tips and Ideas.
    The grunge 90s costumes and fashion can be traced back to Seattle, Washington. This was the early 90s. The outcome was an all new brand of casual wear options. Luckily, it only takes some thoughtful planning to put together grunge clothing that would suit any couple. You can start from your closet before moving to your local thrift store.
    One of the great ideas to wear the 90s grunge couples costumes in a different way is to match a faded rock band t-shirt with a pair of baggy jeans. Put a plaid long-sleeved flannel shirt to top it off. Complete the attire with Doc Marten boots. And, don’t forget to put on wool skull caps. This is a perfect 90s attire for a couple. The male should go for masculine colors while the female should stick to more feminine colors for the pieces.
    Hip-Hop It
    Hip hop music was the trend in the late 1980s and the influence it had in the world of fashion spilled over to the 90s. For the guys, replicating a 90s hip hop attire comes in different ways and styles. For instance, you can put on an ultra baggy pair of pants as seen with M.C. Hammer, and pair it with a ripped up t-shirt. Put on a thick chain over the T-shirt.
    Ladies are not left out in the hip-hop 90s fashion. For a perfect couple hip-hop attire, the ladies can wear biking shorts under a miniskirt or simply wear jean shorts. Pair it with a neon tank top. This hip-hop attire won’t be complete without lavish jewelry and a side ponytail hairdo.
    In order to make the couple hip hop look even more coordinated, put on matching nylon running suits designed with stripes downwards.  The classic 1990s hi-top tennis shoes will put a seal on this attention-grabbing couple’s hip-hop fashion.
    Dress Like the Movie Characters

    Drawing inspiration from the 90s movies is a great and different way for couples to replicate the 90s costumes and fashions. A good instance is to dress “Austin Powers”. Guys can look for velvet suits in a local thrift store or rent Austin costumes. The suits are better matched with ruffled shirts. Ladies can mimic Austin Powers babes by wearing a mood mini-dress matched with knee-high boots.


    Halloween costumes form the basis of Halloween, without them the whole fun about Halloween is no longer there. The whole point of wearing the Halloween costume is for people to relate to your look, if you wear something odd that people can’t truly relate to then it’s just hopeless. It’s better to stick to what people are quite familiar with. This article is specifically focused on various Halloween costume ideas for women. If you are a woman and you are in need of a good Halloween costume then this will guide you in your search for the best Halloween costume. Some images would be highlighted in this article, these images are different Halloween costume design that may interest you or give you an idea of what you what your Halloween costume to be.
    The first costume here is a 90s GRUNGE GIRL COSTUME. Wearing designs from the past is a major theme for most Halloween costumes. This look was common in the 90s, the purpose of wearing this is to relieve those moments again. This look is very age appropriate and beautify, it’s a very innocent and down to earth look and it would make a very good Halloween costume.

    Grunge Girl Grunge Girl Costume

    We all love watching Television, most of our Halloween costumes are based on television characters, these costumes are the characters on a famous children cartoon THE FLINTSTONES. This costumes are very cute and stylish and will definitely make a statement.

    This costume is also based on a television character, this popular TV Character is called UGLY BETTY. This look basically is her signature look on the TV series. It’s a funny costume though but it would make a good impression in front of your peers

    Ugly Betty Costume Ugly Betty Costume

    This costume is also a character in THE FLINTSTONES. It is also another gorgeous look that you can put together for Halloween. A lot of people would definitely relate to this look.

    Wilma Flintstone Costume Wilma Flintstone Costume

    This look is popularly called FLAPPER GIRL this design is traced to the 1920s. it is very interesting costume, not just that it is sexy, and can be worn by various sizes of women. It is age appropriate, it can be worn by anybody and it still remains one of my favourite Halloween costumes.

    The next look is from the 50s. This costume is called the SUSIE Q COSTUME. This look is very innocent and cute making it age appropriate. It is stylish and comfortable.

    This costume is based on another TV show character from the 1950s, this was a popular TV series titled “I LOVE LUCY”. This costume represents the female lead “LUCY”. This is looks is very traditional and adorable. It makes a very classy Halloween costume.

    This is a celebrity costume look. It is the RIHANNA BLACK VINYL CONCERT OUTFIT. This is a more edgy and sexy look. It really makes an awesome Halloween costume.

    This suggested Halloween costumes are cool and highly recommendable but your choice cannot be based on them alone. There are various areas to can look into for that awesome Halloween costume that befits you.


    Are you still dancing around the bush for that perfect Halloween costume that would steal glances during that Halloween event well this article would give you a very good idea of what Halloween costume you can wear for that special Halloween event so your best bet now is to glue your eyes to this article as I unfold various cute Halloween costume that are age appropriate, sexy and comfortable.
    The first item on the list is the MAIL ORDER BRIDES DRESS. This is a wedding dress designed like a letter. This is quite funny but also very cute. It’s a very stylish costume, sexy and also age appropriate.
    The next Halloween costume on the list is the JUST CHILLIN look. This is a penguin themed costume. Penguins are actually very cute and lovable creatures, they are ruthless they are very calm and gentle creatures. This costume is very cute and sexy. This is one of my favorite Halloween costume design.
    Another cute and mind blowing Halloween costume is the BUTTERFLY BABY. This is one sexy butterfly. I really love this look, it’s really beautiful and sassy, and would definitely make a statement.

    We also have the BIG BAD SEXY WOLF costume. This Halloween costume is drop dead gorgeous, very sexy and comfortable. It’s not too revealing and age appropriate. The wolf ear hood makes the entire costume look fabulous.
    The PANDA BEAR BABY costume is another cute animal Halloween costume that will make you stand out. This costume is beautiful and it is very sexy and sassy. This Halloween costume is makes a lot of statement and you do not want to be missed wearing this.
    You would also love the RACY RACCOON ANIMAL COSTUME. This costume is bad-ass, it has that diva vibe. Very sexy and sassy and very comfortable and let’s not forget age appropriate.
    Another top notch cute Halloween costume is the 60s FASHION BABE. This is very beautiful, trendy, very comfortable, age appropriate and stylish. You can actually wear the dress to a non-Halloween event which makes it the best of both worlds. This Halloween costume is a big YES and I highly recommend it.
    Let look at the 1920s FLIRTY FLAPPER. This Halloween costume is very stylish and beautiful. Let us forget to mention suitable for all sizes and age appropriate. This Halloween costume would definitely make a statement. This is a must have cute Halloween costume.
    The CALIFORNIA GIRL COSTUME is a very sexy Halloween costume mixed with a lot of cuteness. This is an extremely stylish and comfortable costume. It has a lot fun and colorful vibe. Asides being a cute Halloween costume it can make a very cool celebrity costume.
    These cute Halloween costumes really make a statement. In case you intend to explore and look at other options please be sure to use these highlighted Halloween costumes as a reference for further search.

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