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70's Costumes

70s Costumes


The 70s was the era of possibly the most maligned of all music—disco. Still, fans of the Bee Gees will be “Stayin’ Alive” when they choose the right clothes for their next costume party. Even if disco is not your thing, there are plenty of great 70s costumes styles to make your party night groove.
There are several reasons why “That 70’s Show” was a mega hit. Sure, the cast was likable, but there is just something about remembering the feathered hair of Charlie’s Angel Farrah Fawcett that makes people nostalgic. Find your best 70s clothes and be your favorite character from the show and you’ll fit in with any 1970s party.
While polyester, corduroy, velour, and white suits might be the first things that come to mind for 70s costumes, there were still plenty of hippies around during the 1970s.  Men had big afros, and Shaft was one bad… Whatever your favorite 70s costumes style was, you can relive it with the right 70's costumes.


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  1. Seventies Outta Sight

    Seventies Outta Sight 70s Costume includes lace front vest with attached sleeves, bell bottom pants with printed insert. One large size fits most. 70's Fashion Special. Learn More
  2. 70s Fashion Babe

    70s Fashion Babe includes dress and headband. Dress sizes Medium 4-6, Large 8-10, X Large 10-12. Learn More
  3. 70s Disco Dude

    70s Disco Dude comes with button front disco dot shirt and men's disco pants. Men's sizes Medium (waist 32"-34"), Large (waist 34"-36"), XLarge (waist 40"-42") Learn More
  4. 70s Disco Doll

    70s Disco Doll includes disco dot jumpsuit and stretch sequin belt. Sizes Small 2-6, Medium 6-10, Large 10-14. Learn More
  5. 1970s Sunny

    1970s Sunny includes open front fur vest, gauze shirt,and 70s fashion bell bottom pants. Men's size fits most, or XXL. Learn More
  6. 70s Peace Out Costume

    70s Peace Out Costumes include fringed faux suede vest, shirt,velvet patchwork print bell bottoms, & headband. Size Small(4-6), Medium(8-10)or Large(10-12), Xlarge(14-16). Learn More
  7. 70s Starflower Hippie

    70s Starflower Hippie has cold shoulder floral fringe dress with flower headband. Sizes Small (4-6), Medium (8-10), Large (12-14) Learn More
  8. 70s Groovy Suit

    70s Groovy Suit, with Jacket, Trousers & Tie in Fancy Box set. Medium (chest 38"-40",Waist 32"-34"), Large (chest 42"-44",Waist 34"-36"), Xlarge (chest 46"-48",Waist 40"-42") Learn More
  9. Harmony Hippie

    Harmony Hippie includes 70s Flare pants and top with vest. Sizes small (6-8), Medium (10-12). Large (14-16). Learn More
  10. Disco Dazzler

    Disco Dazzler includes cute beautiful disco sparkle Wrap top, Pants, and belt. Women's dress sizes Small (6-8), Medium (8-10), or Large (10-12). Learn More
Items 1 to 10 of 147 total
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