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Women's Halloween costumes

  • Halloween Costumes for Women

    Halloween Costumes for Women – Ideas to Dress like a Pinky Lady from Grease

    Dress up like a pink lady this Halloween with your costumes for women. The best place to collect your pink lady from the musical Grease costume is online costume stores. These stores also offer decade costumes such as 1950s costumes. While you can create your own costume at home, this can be a time-consuming endeavor, although it could be fun as well.

    If you choose to create your own at home, start by looking into your closet for the right clothing items. And, if grandma stays close by, you will be better off looking into her closet. A hairdo seen by the popular 50s girls will finish this look properly.

    Tip #1: Ideas for the Pink Lady Jacket

    Put on a man’s button-down bowling shirt, pink color preferably. This would serve as Pink Ladies’ jacket. You should make an embroidery that reads “Pink Ladies” on the back of the jacket. Another option is to use the print-on method to place the logo on the shirt using iron-on transfer paper.

    Tip #2: Inscribe Your Favorite Pink Lady’s Name on the Outfit

    Again, use embroidery method to inscribe your favorite pink Lady’s name on the shirt’s front left. Get a solid-color fitted shirt and layer it under the embroidered shirt. Do this carefully and creatively.

    Tip #3: Go for Black Leggings of Pencil Skirt

    When mimicking Pink Ladies with your costumes for women, your choice of bottoms should be black pencil skirt or leggings. And, whether you chose leggings or pencil skirt, calf-length is most appropriate. If you decide to mimic Jan with your Halloween outfit, your best bet would be an over-the-knee flared, plaid skirt.

    Tip #4: Go for Spike Heals

    Complement your Pink Lady costume with spike heels. But, if you insist on dressing up like Jan, flats and white bobby socks will be more appropriate as these would perfectly replicate Jan’s look.

    Tip #5: Accessorize Appropriately

    You want to ensure that your Pink Lady Halloween costume is as authentic as possible. In that case you need to use the most relevant accessories, which should be in line with the particular Pink Lady you’re trying to copy.

    Generally, all Pink Ladies used silky scarves around their neck. And, if you choose to replicate Rizzo more than the rest, you should complement your costume with oversized dark shades. For the rest of the Pink Ladies, cat-eyed pair of glasses is just suitable.

    Tip #6: Wear a Suitable Hairdo

    When it comes to Pink Lady hairdo, you have tons of options. One way is to mimic Marty’s soft curls achieved with hair rollers. Alternatively, you can copy Jan’s hairdo which is to style your hair in a ponytail.

    You can also replicate Frenchy’s pinkish red hair with a temporal hair color, then style it into soft curls. If your hair is short, you already have perfect hair that will achieve a Rizzo look.

    Take advantage of these tips to look like a Pink Lady this Halloween with your women's Halloween costumes.

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