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  • Tips and Tricks for Creating Zombie Costumes

    Tips and Tricks for Creating Zombie Costumes 

    The slow-paced, stone-cold horrors from the grave called Zombies have become a hot trend today, especially for Halloween costumes. Luckily also, you can create Zombie costumes with ease except you want to achieve deep makeup effects. If you are just getting started with Zombie clothing, this article would provide you with tips and tricks that work.

    Step 1: Choose Your Preferred Line of Zombie

    There are tons of Zombie varieties to go by, it all depends on your preference.  For instance, you can find modern-day zombie versions, as well as the vintage movie zombies. You will also find the comic book depictions of zombie costumes. Some inspirations I’ve recently found on YouTube include the following;

    • Zombie celebrity
    • Zombie ballerina
    • Zombie doctor
    • Zombie zookeeper
    • Zombie football
    • ...zombie anything

    Just think of any character or career and you will have it zombified with ease. You only have to ensure optimum creativity when selecting your preferred outfit, style or era. There are vast opportunities with your zombification if you can get creative about it.

    Step 2: The Costume Base

    When it comes to your costume base, one option is to buy or make a new one. Another option is to rustle up the previous year’s zombie costume and make it over completely. However, choosing any of the option would depend on the choice of zombie persona (e.g. zombie ballerina, zombie doctor etc) you selected.  

    Warning Note: since it will definitely get destroyed, endeavor to keep it cheap. Before you rustle up the previous year’s costume, ensure you will not mimic that character again. It is more economical to use an old cloth for zombie costumes. But, if you still want to use the old cloth at home for other purposes, a thrift store is a good place to purchase unwanted cloth for zombie outfit.

    Tip 3: Turn the Clothing into a Zombie Costume

    Now, it’s time to turn the clothing into a zombie costume. At this point, the cloth is in place, you need to make it tattered and unkempt. Attach some ripped elements to the tattered cloth to achieve a perfect zombie look. If you are not satisfied with the scruffiness of the costume so far, don’t hesitate to add more disheveled features.

    Tip #4: Add Blood

    Blood sprinkle on the clothing is what creates perfect picture of a zombie. Fake blood works best with zombie clothing. When applying fake blood on the costume, there are essential tricks you can employ;

    • Go for the water-based darker blood
    • The corn-syrup blood causes discomfort as you work around because of its stickiness. Besides, you will end up looking cartoonish instead of mimicking a zombie perfectly.

    There are couple of other things you can add to zombie costumes to get more zombie effects. However, the steps above are sufficient to give you an ideal zombie look.

  • Halloween Costume Ideas for Everyone

    Halloween Costume Ideas for Everyone

    When Halloween is round the corner, it’s always a mixed emotion; excitement for the fun season and anxiety about what costume would fit best. However, you don’t need to get jittery about how to dress for the Halloween. You will find insightful Halloween costume ideas right inside this post. Keep reading...

    Halloween Costumes – The Fun of the Season

    Imagine a Halloween without wide varieties of Halloween costumes? It sure will be boring and plain. These costumes are the highlights of the season. The best way to appear your best during the Halloween season is to plan ahead of time. However, even if you decide to engage in a last-minute decision of what to wear for the Halloween, there are tons of last-minute Halloween costume ideas for you.

    These costume ideas cover every size, sex, age, personality and preference. Also, you can find costume for Halloween to suit your budget (whether low or high budget). You certainly want to appear different and be the talk of the day in your location. That’s fine, you will find costume ideas for Halloween to make you stand out with your Halloween outfit.

    Okay, let’s take it one after the other...

    Halloween Ideas for Kids

    Compared to adults, choosing a costume for a kid is less daunting since kids love just anything. However, you would love your kids to look quite excited in their Halloween dress.

    Kids’ Favorite: Kids prefer anything cool and scary for their Halloween costume. They simply want to run around in their costume, with the feeling of making everyone (including mom and dad) scared. So, you can go for the already-made scary costumes or simply sew up something at home. However, you need to be creative in order to add those scary features to your kid’s Halloween costume.

    Also, a lot of kids prefer to wear a scary make-up instead of real scary costume. This is even easier for you. Get the Halloween make-up kit and let your kid choose from the samples in Halloween costume ideas listed online or in catalogues. You just need to be a little creative to put up the perfect Halloween make-up on your kid. You can also take a leaf from your kid’s favorite TV characters or cartoon heroes – kids love stuffs like that!

    Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults

    Deciding on the right Halloween costume as an adult is more difficult. The logic is simple; adults just like to look impressive and would want to show off. When trying to decide on the perfect costume for Halloween, you should consider the Halloween activity you want to embark on. For instance, will you be partying, staying at home or just taking the kids out on a ‘trick-and-treat’ outing? Choose a Halloween costume that would suit the activity you’ve mapped out for the day.

    Generally, something that would give you comfort and create fun while reflecting your activity of the day would be a perfect choice.

    These Halloween costume ideas are tried and proven, and have outlived several Halloween celebrations.

  • 80's Costumes From The 1980's

    80’s Costumes


    80s costumes arrived after the 1980’s popularity of 80s fashion, bright colors, crazy clothes designs and wild patterns. The diverse music from European countries made popular in America was a huge factor in creating the 80s costumes phenomenon.

    The keys to making a great 80s costume is making everything you wear in excess. Although the 1980’s were filled with bright colors, it revealed the individuality of those that were trying to find themselves in a rapidly changing world. The bright colors were also emphasized in video games, Rubik’s cubes, and décor. The crazy fashion of 80s costumes also extenuated bright colors in nail polish and florescent eye shadows.

    The most influential people in creating the 80s costume movement were the 80s rock stars such as Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Boy George, Adam Ant, Billy Idol, and Michael Jackson, just to name a few.

    Adding layers of clothing along with mesh, lace, and leg warmers created Madonna look a like costumes. That look became more popular after everyone saw all of her music videos on  MTV. Similar 80s fashion fads were also created by the music videos of numerous pop stars and rock stars, such as the Go Go’s, Def Leppard, Cheap Trick, and Boy George.

    The 80s costumes and fashion fads were also very influential in the clothing styles they wore in movies. The famous 80s movies like Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Dirty Dancing, Flashdance, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Risky Business, Pretty In Pink, Valley Girl, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. It also had a huge effect on television entertainment. Some of the television shows that were affected were the A-Team, Punky Brewster, Growing Pains, Square Pegs, and Miami Vice.

    The biggest 80s costume fashion fads were, leg warmers, skinny ties, Acid washed jeans, jumpsuits, parachute pants, members only jackets, lace gloves, ankle socks, jellie bracelets, stirrup pants, wayfarer sunglasses, Mc Hammer pants, shoulder pads, leggings, and big off the shoulder sweatshirts.

    The 80s costumes full of zebra patterns, neon colors, and baggy pants, are all still being used today in 80s costume parties and even in regular fashion. The 80s costume fashion fads are here to stay.

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