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Funwirks Blog

  • Halloween Costumes

    Halloween Costumes


    Halloween costumes dates back to at least the 16th century, when participants would go door-to-door in disguise, reciting poetry or singing songs to get a reward. Scottish children would paint their faces and threaten people with mischief if they were not welcomed by the inhabitants. In some places, children dressed up as the opposite gender. Although it seems like our trick-or-treating must be contemporary traditions, they have long roots in Celtic and Christian traditions.


    People began to wear costumes because they traditionally believed that the souls of the dead wandered the earth all year until All Saint’s Day – the day after Halloween. Halloween, therefore, was their last chance to take revenge upon their enemies. In order to hide from the spirits, the people were superstitious and believed that if they disguised themselves well enough, they would not be detected. And what disguise should they choose? Well, saints and other dead people, of course. They pretended to be dead so they could be undetected as a living being.


    Costume parties originated around this time as well. The danse macabre, which was a celebration thought to be held by the spirits themselves, would be reenacted by children on Halloween. This gathering is supposed to have influenced our Halloween gatherings today. Then in the 19th century, America began having great costumed parades with much illicit behavior. The Victorian era made these parades more private, in people’s homes, so there we have costume parties. At this time, costumes were made at home.


    This changed in the 1930s, when some firms began mass-production of Halloween costumes. At the same time, trick-or-treating gained popularity in America. Costumes were still made to imitate the supernatural, so there were many werewolves, devils, witches, etc. Now, this has evolved to include any fantasy characters, no matter how scary or not-scary they may be. They choose their characters based simply on who they want to emulate that night, whether it is a pop culture figure, a political head, a cartoon character, or a character in a movie or video game.


    And most people have dropped the belief that they must hide from the spirits with their costumes by disguising themselves as spirits. Halloween costumes related to the supernatural are still popular, but they are also parts of other worlds of costume genres. From TV shows to books to video games, the fantasy genre has expanded to include creatures form our imaginations that have nothing to do with religion. Not to mention, Halloween costumes have spilled over into real life, or vice-versa. People dress “topically” at costume parties, or they emulate their favorite political figure, their favorite pop star, their favorite TV show host, etc. Halloween costumes have come a long way from their religious backgrounds!




  • Dare to Compare: How 80’s Outfits Make the Best Costumes


    Dare to Compare: How 80’s Outfits Make the Best Costumes

    When finding just the right costume for a really important occasion, you have a multitude of choices. There are traditional character designs and various role interpretations, but for great fun and awesome variety, nothing outshines the 80’s outfits.

    If you’re looking for something truly glam, it’s there. Maybe you’d like to have s cool costumes rock star image. Perhaps you’d go for the romance of boho fashion. All of these and more were captured in the dramatic and memorable clothing styles of that decade.

    You don’t need to have the closet of Michael Jackson to slip on a sequined coat, black boots, and a white glove for an evening of virtual celebrity status. You don’t need the resources of Madonna to step into the party as a sexy Material Girl. Affordable and available, 80’s outfits can fulfill a lot of fantasies.

    A range of sizes make fitting simple, and the menagerie of accessories is amazing. There are wigs and hairpieces in many colors, styles, and lengths. Belts, bows, jewelry, and hosiery complete some incredible looks. The details such as hats or lipstick can be just the right finishing touches to make your costume distinctive. Don’t forget the props. A heavy metal rocker definitely requires his guitar. The aviator in the bomber jacket must have his shades to deflect that glare from the flashbulbs of the paparazzi.

    While you’re comparing, dare to dream with the huge array of possibilities: from copies of your favorite pop figures to typical images of the 80’s such as the soap star with her shoulder pads, big hair, and fishtail suits. Suit your own mood with everything from fancy to supremely foolish.

    Shop with us for the best selection and prices anywhere. The party has only just begun.


  • The 5 best 80’s outfits to be seen in

    The 5 best 80’s outfits to be seen in

    You want to be seen in the best light possible, and 80’s outfits are always hot. Here are some of the top 5 choices to ensure authenticity and awesome style:

    1. Madonna’s outrageous and sexy image will always draw admirers. It is easy to imitate her incomparable stage presence with fishnet hosiery, lavish makeup, and eye candy Madonna costumes. You can even use whichever hair color you prefer, since that’s exactly what she did.
    2. The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was an incredible trend setter, too. The glove and his spangled jackets are must-have trademarks. If you’ve got some great moves, so much the better.
    3. The foxy Boho flair of Cyndi Lauper is perfect for the romantic. Recall the decade with short skirts, layers of belts and jewelry, and a mullet wig.
    4. Boy George often appeared in different cool hats. You can be the chameleon in front of your mirror as you find the one that flatters you most.
    5. Replicate the magic of Top Gun with a leather coat and aviator glasses. Don’t forget to flash a seductive smile throughout the night.

    If you happen to want a different fashion, there’s the Valley Girl with her big bows, the soap star wearing shoulder pads and big hair, or a whole host of pop artists from that era. A seemingly endless assortment of 80s outfits is available in small, medium, and large to fit almost everyone. They are reasonable in cost, and can be worn for any number of occasions from dress-up parties, to New Year’s Eve, to a particularly special date. A huge array of accessories will help you complete the lasting impression. So land that winning ensemble and get ready to have the fun of a real rock star.


  • The raddest, baddest 80’s outfits

    When recalling the disco decade, you don’t have to look back too far, as so many of the styles from the height of pop culture are still in demand today. There was some stiff competition for the raddest, baddest 80’s outfits.

    The top contenders were the music and movie driven themes. Shining the spotlight on just a few, the unique fashion of each again grabs attention:

    • The Valley Girl, with her neon hair bows, short skirts, and leg warmers captured many a second glance.
    • Flashdance not only inspired romantic fantasy, but elegant and eye-catching 80s dresses and menswear.
    • Who can forget the aviator sunglasses and bomber jacket in Top Gun?
    • The mullet hair of Cyndi Lauper accompanied great colors and frilly feminine attire.
    • The perfectly coifed curls of Michael Jackson were canvassed by his spangled jackets and signature white glove.
    • Madonna reigned as the monarch of statements, often both glamorous and outrageous.

    With Halloween and holiday parties approaching, you want the hottest costumes for women. You want to make a statement. You just can’t miss if you choose from the vast selection of 80’s outfits. You can have all of the details that were so important to the celebrity trends. Costuming has mirrored their images with every accessory imaginable from lace fingerless gloves to scarves to belts and hats. You can transform into a rock diva or ZZtop. Small, medium, and large sizes accommodate almost anyone. No matter if your hair is the wrong color. Wigs and hairpieces will take you from brunette to blonde in a heartbeat. You can even sport a green Mohawk.

    From soap star to pop star: shoulder pads, huge hoop earrings, and big hair will take you there. Don’t just put it on for the party, wear something rad for a too cool date. You look totally awesome.

  • The Top 5 80’s Outfits to Wear on Halloween

    The Top 5 80’s Outfits to Wear on Halloween

    Everyone wants those perfect costumes for Halloween, and those 80’s outfits are a must. If you are searching for a look that will turn heads and get the party rolling, go no further than the pop star craze and those fabulous fashion trends of that decade. Still so popular today, let’s consider the five hippest of the hip:

    • Of course there’s Michael Jackson’s white glove and sparkling jackets, recalling those amazing dance moves. You just can’t beat it.
    • Move over for Madonna, the queen of attention getting 80s clothes; a surprise with each new appearance. Rock diva hairpieces, glitter and glitz makeup, and outrageous fashion can transform anyone into an almost clone.
    • Who can forget Cyndi Lauper and her neon hair? You can capture her essence with a mullet wig, frilly short skirt, and multiple skinny belts.
    • Flash Dance, so memorable for all the fun and romance, inspired a rage for everything from dance dress to fancy dress 80’s outfits.
    • Boy George, with his hats and teased hair, influenced a lot of cool copycats.

    Fun, sexy, or stunning: that era in fashion will forever have its own striking page in the history of style. Whether you want to wage a shock and awe campaign or override the competition, you can plant your imprint indelibly in their minds. Need more ideas? Perhaps you have visited our site at in your quest for that jaw dropping image or those indispensable accessories that immediately render you recognizable as someone famous. With everything from leg warmers to high ponytails, you can get all the awesome details to make your holiday festivities a celebration to remember. After all, it is the one night of the year when everyone gets to be an actor or a singer or a dancer.

  • 3 80's Outfits That Can Still Turn Heads

    3 80's Outfits That Can Still Turn Heads

    Sure, the era had a few fashion missteps, like shoulder pads and big hair, but that doesn't mean that they didn't come up with some great fashion. 80's outfits have been updated and rolled back out in the fashion world, and here are three that we feel have withstood the test of time.


    1. Becoming Top Gun


    This hot look is great for costumes for men and women! From the aviator glasses to the slick bomber jackets, Top Gun made this era look good in a way that is practically timeless. You will look like you are in control with this ensemble that includes a jacket and glasses for the guy and a jacket, skirt, belt, and glasses for the lady.


    2. Getting in the Groove


    The opposing hard and soft that this groove ensemble offers is fantastic. From the lacy top and leggings to the opposing lavender and black colors, this outfit is the epitome of tough and feminine. You could wear this out for a date or to the club without a second look. When you buy the Groove, you get a skirt, leggings, lace hair tie, and camisole with lace shirt. The kicker is a white leather belt with a buckle that reads "Boy Toy," a statement that we think says it all.


    3. The Misfit Costume


    It may be called a misfit costume, but this is anything but out of place. There were so many different styles of 80's outfits, and the punks were certainly a standout group. The British flag tank top layered with the anarchy symbol is such a fashionable piece and the pleated mini in a red tartan pattern are as fresh now as they were back then. You will also get a studded collar, 2 studded belts and some ripped up fishnets to complete this look.


    There are so many great 80s clothing and accessories from this decade to choose from. You can be styling for that costume party and spicing up your daily wardrobe in no time. Just head over to our website at

  • 70’s Costumes Ideas

    At, you will find a great selection of 70’s costumes, fashion accessories, dress, outfits, and costume ideas to help you bring your favorite era back to life. If you are searching for a way to create an authentic 70’s look, you will need the help of FunWirks since there is no place else to find these great items today! The 70s costumes for women offer a great variety of “cool”, “peace-loving” items that will take you back. The Peace Sign Hippie is a great choice for any woman who wants her fun-loving nature to shine through. The super bell bottom pants, vest, and headpiece look like the real thing, complete with patches, flowers and peace sign.


    There are more 70’s costumes for women that reflect the fashion trend of short skirts and bold prints. The Far Out Hippie costume is a great choice to show off your legs and look even more believable with the Love Child boots which come in yellow or white. You can also add the big floppy hat to any of the 70’s costumes for women to give them a more authentic look. There are lots of choices for her and also for coordinating outfits for him. For a family event, check out the 70’s costumes for kids and make it the theme for your entire gang. The 70’s costumes for kids include the Teen Flower Power costume for her and the Hippie Guy costume for him. Find 70’s costumes for the entire family in one category by choosing the “70’s costumes” tab.


    The Flower Power costume is another of the 70’s costumes for kids that any girl is going to love. It comes complete with the print top, pink crushed velvet pants, and matching hat. Pants have matching print for the bell bottoms and the top features bell sleeves for an adorable retro-look that she will want to wear long after the party is over! There is also a Flower Power costume in the 70’s costumes for women so that mom and daughter can share in the same design. Just add your own accessories such as sunglasses or great retro-boots to complete any look and make it your own!


    The great thing about the 70’s costumes from FunWirks is their versatility. There are lots of complete costumes for every member of the family and a large variety of accessories that make it easy to add those special “extra touches” that make any costume more authentic. Just imagine the difference the “Afro Wig” or the “Beach Bum Wig” will make in the way he looks!


    Go to to browse the selection of 70’s costumes and see how easy, and affordable, creating a great 70’s persona can be! It will be fun for you whether you are going alone, as a couple, or the entire family is in on the fun. FunWirks has the best collection of costumes in the world and they back their selection with excellent customer service that will make your experience an enjoyable one from start to finish!

  • Top 5 80s Costumes and Fashion in Vogue

    Top 5 80s Costumes and Fashion in Vogue

    Indeed, when it comes to fashion, no decade probably went gaga like the 80s. Okay, come to think of it, was there any decade that witnessed people wearing “MC Hammer” baggy pants one day, and skin-tight pants the following day? Only the 80s could get away with such crazy fashions, and of course it was all fun for the people who lived in this decade. And now, the 80s costumes are fast gaining ground in the 21st century.

    Here are the top 80s costumes that have returned back to today’s fashion scene;

    Mini Skirts

    Right now, the popular 80s slogan for women is back among today’s female folks. The slogan simply reads, “the shorter, the better...” Girls and women alike are getting crazier over miniskirts just as it was in the 80s. Although these short skirts were produced from different materials such as leather and knit, the most sought-after was denim, which was always complemented with leggings. This 80s fashion is back in the fashion scene full force.

    Shoulder Pads

    One of the popular 80s costumes and clothing item is shoulder pad. The people who lived in this decade loved it when their shoulders are raised higher. Perhaps, some of the pop musicians inspired the integration of shoulder pads into leather jackets, female tops and even shirts. Although this dressing has not become the norm for party, Halloween and other themes clothing, it is one of the best ways to reflect 80 fashion perfectly. In the 80s, shoulder pad was really the in-thing, and both babes and guys had it going on for them once their shoulders are broadened and raised.

    Leg Warmers

    Can anyone really talk about 80s costumes without pointing to leg warmers? It probably wouldn’t have made sense to people in this decade why people should include leg warmers in their everyday fashion. Well, some folks suspected the 80s people’s legs probably always got chilly due to exposure through miniskirts. But, it doesn’t seem so, they just felt it was fashionable to integrate leg warmers into their fashion. Leg warmers are fast becoming part of today’s fashion and costumes, especially for party wears and Halloween dresses.

    Fingerless Gloves

    These are one of the 80s costumes that are fast returning to the 21st century fashion arena. Fingerless gloves were popular among the punk-rock fans, as well as romance enthusiasts. These pieces were part of Madonna’s fashion signature in the mid-80s, and a lot of varieties were available for people to choose from.

    Large Earrings

    80s costumes and fashion couldn’t have been complete without large earrings. Someone from the 80s explained why recently, “We thought the same beautiful effects that Christmas ornaments have on a Christmas tree could apply with those large earrings on our ears!” So, big earrings became all the rage among ladies in the 80s and had come back to the fashion world in recent time...the bigger, the better.

    If you truly want to reflect the 80’s costumes fully with your Halloween or party clothing, you must include these top 5 style and features in your dressing. But, there are even more features to learn about in our next post.


  • 4 Top 80's Costumes and Fashion Trends

    4 Top 80's Costumes and Fashion Trends

    Fashion is never consistent, that is why the trends are ever changing.  While most fashions do not return to the scene after they’ve phased out, a few of them are recycled and brought back to the fashion world. 80’s costumes and fashions are among the few recyclable fashions that keep coming back to the fashion arena. Right now, 80’s fashion is in vogue for parties and Halloween.

    The 1980s were popularly known for the numerous fashion trends that accompanied the period. Those fashion trends were termed ‘non-fashionable’ by many. However, millions of people were attracted to those seemingly odd fashions, especially because of the pop stars that inspired such fashions. The young and old were all head-over-heels in love with the popular pop stars and their pop music. As a result, people did not hesitate to accept any fashion trend inspired by those them.

    The Pop Stars Behind the 80’s Fashion

    Moreover, MTV at that time presented the hippest attire to several young singers, and the minds of viewers were easily bought over. Some of the pop stars that set the fashion pace for these never phasing-out fashion trends include Madonna, and the king of pop himself – Michael Jackson. The young people particularly were crazy about these people and their 80’s costumes, even up to this moment!

    Madonna’s Inspired 80s Costumes.

    In those days, the fishnet stockings worn under micro minis by Madonna became the happening fashion of the time, and the memories have returned to the 21st century in different forms, especially the 80’s theme party dresses and Halloween costumes. Also, the 1980s fashion scene was dominated by leather and lace clothing. And of course, the female folks like to go overboard sometimes – some of them wore lingerie as outwear in the bid to demonstrate their craziness for the 80’s costumes and fashions.

    Michael Jackson’s Inspired  80’s Costumes

    The king of pop himself was also the major inspiration behind the 80’s costumes. His trendy ‘Thriller’ music videos brought him millions of fans, who also mimicked his ‘Thriller’ attire. Other hits from Michael Jackson that inspired some trendy dressing include ‘Bad’ and ‘Beat It’.

    The popular clothing and accessories to mimic the 80’s costumes inspired by Michael Jackson include the following;

    • Leather jackets
    • Aviator jackets
    • Fingerless gloves
    • Leather pants (mostly black color)

    These clothing items and accessories gained significant popularity in the 80’s, and are increasingly becoming popular again in this 21st century. Also, the clothing, dresses and shirts in those days were characterized by shoulder pads to make the shoulders look broader and raised.

    Jane Fonda’s Inspired 80’s Costumes

    Also, the workout video and dancewear by Jane Fonda created a lot of waves. And soon, clothing items such as leg warmers, leggings leotards became the trend for virtually all dance as well as exercise sessions. This was closely followed by the ‘Flashdance’ release in 1983, popularly characterized with crazy fashion such as ripped sweatshirts that reveal ladies’ one shoulder.

    And now, these top 4 and other 80’s costumes/fashion have come back to the fashion arena and are suitable for parties, Halloween...just name it!

  • Best Halloween Costumes for Kids of all Ages

    Best Halloween Costumes for Kids of all Ages

    Parents need not go through so much trouble to find suitable Halloween costumes for kids of all ages. The best Halloween costumes for kids are usually simple, cool and fun. And, such costumes do not need to be costly and could be created in a jiffy. The major factors to consider for a suitable kid’s costume include the child’s age and interests. You should also consider the plans that your kid’s friends are making towards the trick-or-treaters’ events.

    Here are different Halloween kids’ costume ideas for different ages;

    Halloween Costume Concepts for Grade-schoolers

    One of the favorite ideas for grade-schoolers is the sweat-suits. You can adopt some simple but creative strategies to transform sweatsuits into best Halloween costumes for your grade-schooler. Sweat suits are easy for the kids to wear, plus the comfort that follows.

    For instance, if your grade-schooler is fond of animals, consider adding his or her favorite animal’s features onto the sweatsuit costume. You can add features such as feathered bird figurines, twigs & moss, and cotton balls. Consider using a blue sweat-suit for a male kid, and a pink color for your female kid. These features will create a stunning aviary scene with the costume.

    There’s another great idea to create best Halloween costumes with sweat-suit. The idea is best suited for car-loving grade-schoolers. Glue some diecast cars and colorful masking tape onto the sweat-suits. Consider black or gray color sweatsuits for this purpose. The outcome would mimic a busy highway in a way that would thrill your kid.

    On the other hand, a kid that loves sports would prefer sporting features on the sweat-suit Halloween costume. A green sweat will suit this concept as you integrate white masking tape on it to form a playing field. Next, use the glue to add sports balls and miniature players onto the clothing. And, if you don’t want to buy a costume for the kid in the coming year, you can simply recreate the concept.

    Halloween Costume Concepts for Teenagers

    For a teenage kid, it’s a little challenging to choose what would suit their inquisitive minds. However, you can get around it creatively. First, bear in mind that the best Halloween costumes for teenagers would usually go on the cool direction.

    Perfect example of favorite cool Halloween costumes for teenagers is the Hollywood and movie stars concepts. So, work with your teenage child in order to create his or her favorite movie star Halloween outfit. While your teen may insist on deciding on a suitable movie star character alone, make sure the choice is age-appropriate.

    Halloween Costume Concepts for Toddlers and Babies

    Toddlers and babies depend solely on their parents for suitable and best Halloween costumes. The most important thing is to consider their safety when choosing a costume for toddlers. Generally, cartoon characters and animalistic features are very appealing to these little sweet ones and would be just suitable for them. Fuzzy animals costume is on the top list of costume ideas for babies and toddlers.

    All you need to make or buy the best Halloween costumes for kids of all ages is creativity.

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