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Costumes For Women - Ideas and Tips for a Pirate Costume

Costumes For Women - Ideas and Tips for a Pirate Costume
There are tons of fun and exciting costumes for women out there, whether it is for a themed party or Halloween. Try a pirate costume for a themed party or Halloween with the tips in this post.
The great news is that you may not spend a dime on your pirate costume. But, this is if you decide to go for a homemade version. On the other hand, if you want a costume made with attention to details and precision, you will be better off going for pre-made pirate costume. Besides, the pre-made options are handy, you can purchase one even at the last minutes.

Midnight Musketeer Pirate Midnight Musketeer Pirate

The Basics
Start by deciding whether you prefer to be a woman or man pirate. You will look better ‘girling’ up a pirate outfit for males since a number of the female pirate depictions do not look appropriate.
Look for a Pirate Image
This is a great idea to guide you in crafting your pirate costume for women. However, it is not really necessary to get a pirate image. However, if there is something really unique about a specific pirate you want to replicate with the costume, then you need to find a pirate image.
Start Making the Pirate Costumes
Start with the top using a T-shirt. Go for a white large t-shirt. If you’re crafting pirate crew costume, don’t bother making a very fanciful shirt like the one intended for a pirate captain. To create an impression of rugged sloppiness, you should make a larger shirt.
Now, it’s time to sculpt. Make it appear as though you’re a bit worse for the outfit. Create an impression of ruggedness by cutting areas of the t-shirt. Cut the sleeves’ ends off in a jagged manner. Cut off the t-shirt’s button. Hems are not necessary for pirates. Also, cut the t-shirt’s hemline off.
Next, Use fabric paint to paint blue stripes across your t-shirt and don’t forget to paint lines around the t-shirt’s sleeves. You don’t have to make it perfect since a touch of raggedness is a good feature of a pirate costume. When the paint dries, paint the other side of the t-shirt when you flip the t-shirt over.
It’s time to Make the Pirate Pants
If your target is a simple or conservative look, you should go for a dark colored pair of pants. The accessories and other aspects of the costume will make the noise. You don’t have to make a statement with your pants, bearing in mind that no pirate donned floral-design pants in the days of yore.
Alternatively, you can go for a long skirt in place of pants, wearing a petticoat underneath. Making it to billow out is the best and would look better than trousers for female pirates.
Finally, don a pirate hat to complement your pirate costumes for women.

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