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Couples Costumes

  • 90s Costumes – Themed Clothing Tips and Tricks for Couples

    90s Costumes – Themed Clothing Tips and Tricks for Couples
    Just like the 80s, the 90s was an era of diverse fashion options. Well, one could say it’s a spillover from 80s fashion boom. Anyway, the trend changed in the 90s but the fashion rage from the previous decade did not die down. The 90s costumes and fashion trend changed gear, offering popular options such as the grunge fashion that tended towards more of casual wears.
    For couples seeking to bring back the 90s clothing in a more fashionable way, there are tons of inspirations, tips and tricks to help you achieve the feat. Keep reading to uncover the tips and Ideas.
    The grunge 90s costumes and fashion can be traced back to Seattle, Washington. This was the early 90s. The outcome was an all new brand of casual wear options. Luckily, it only takes some thoughtful planning to put together grunge clothing that would suit any couple. You can start from your closet before moving to your local thrift store.
    One of the great ideas to wear the 90s grunge couples costumes in a different way is to match a faded rock band t-shirt with a pair of baggy jeans. Put a plaid long-sleeved flannel shirt to top it off. Complete the attire with Doc Marten boots. And, don’t forget to put on wool skull caps. This is a perfect 90s attire for a couple. The male should go for masculine colors while the female should stick to more feminine colors for the pieces.
    Hip-Hop It
    Hip hop music was the trend in the late 1980s and the influence it had in the world of fashion spilled over to the 90s. For the guys, replicating a 90s hip hop attire comes in different ways and styles. For instance, you can put on an ultra baggy pair of pants as seen with M.C. Hammer, and pair it with a ripped up t-shirt. Put on a thick chain over the T-shirt.
    Ladies are not left out in the hip-hop 90s fashion. For a perfect couple hip-hop attire, the ladies can wear biking shorts under a miniskirt or simply wear jean shorts. Pair it with a neon tank top. This hip-hop attire won’t be complete without lavish jewelry and a side ponytail hairdo.
    In order to make the couple hip hop look even more coordinated, put on matching nylon running suits designed with stripes downwards.  The classic 1990s hi-top tennis shoes will put a seal on this attention-grabbing couple’s hip-hop fashion.
    Dress Like the Movie Characters

    Drawing inspiration from the 90s movies is a great and different way for couples to replicate the 90s costumes and fashions. A good instance is to dress “Austin Powers”. Guys can look for velvet suits in a local thrift store or rent Austin costumes. The suits are better matched with ruffled shirts. Ladies can mimic Austin Powers babes by wearing a mood mini-dress matched with knee-high boots.

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