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  • A Pharaoh costume could be one of Best Halloween Costume Ideas

    A Pharaoh costume could be one of Best Halloween Costume Ideas

    The Ancient Egyptian theme is definitely one of the most colorful, fashionable and representing of one of the most ancient history one can imagine. The Pharaoh Costume motif is just simply amazing. You want to know why:

    The Ancient Egyptian theme

    The ancient kingdom of Egypt was one of the first major ancient civilizations in the Middle East and occidental parts of the world. It's sense of style and culture has remained with us through time and even to the contemporary. There is something fascinating about Egypt; perhaps it is their Pyramids or the other ancient Egyptian monuments. Whatever it is, this ancient civilization still fascinates people.

    Why wouldn’t they have the best Halloween Costumes?

    We are constantly intrigued by how they lived and what they looked like as a people. Their dress sense is classy and sometimes sexual. We are even intrigued by how they looked when they were dead. The civilization has inspired tales about all powerful deadly mummies, as well as love stories such Antony and Cleopatra.

    These tales from the ancient times is the inspiration behind these great costume ideas. Take a look at the mummy costume. This is basically a lot of linen or ragged sheets wrapped around you, with a few slits for the eyes, an air hole for the mouth and some stains to make it look old, and you are good to go. There are even more elaborate mummy style costumes that turn the look into a fashionable dress.

    There are also the Antony and Cleopatra costumes. These have come in countless variations, especially on the Cleopatra outfit. Some can be quite simple with a plain white dress and a few Egyptian accessories, while others are made to be extremely elaborate with different matching wigs and makeup to fit.

    The last costume, and probably the most popular and best Halloween costume of the Egyptian blend is the Pharaoh costume. They can come in a white or black full length tunic with an elaborate Egyptian styled head piece. This is really original and would make a great impression at a party.


  • Men’s 70’s Costumes Ideas

    Men’s 70’s Costumes Ideas to Mimic a 70s Disco Fashion
    70’s costumes to mimic a disco fashion will typically feature bell bottom pants, platform shoes, and shiny, clingy fabrics. The trick is to go for loud designs and fabrics instead of modest and muted looks.
    If you decide to look 70s with your disco fashion as a man, clothing items that would typically play the trick include bell bottom pants, collared shirts, and platform shoes. You may also complement the look with features such as medallions and suit jackets.
    Here are tips and ideas for men on how to dress in order to replicate 70s disco fashion;
    Put on a Collared Shirt
    Collared shirt is one of the most suitable clothing items for men who want to dress in disco 70s fashion. You should particularly go for bold prints or metallic colors. Typical example of bold prints is the leopard patterns. Other great clothing elements for men’s 70s disco costumes include satin and spandex.
    Look for a 70’s Style Suit Jacket
    You would certainly bring back the 70s memories by putting on 70’s style suit jacket, with the sleeves flaring out toward your wrists. And, the best fabric for the jacket is satin, since disco jackets of those days were designed to reflect light with satin materials. You can also wear a polyester suit jacket that comes in a bright pastel or white color.
    Expose Your Chest Slightly
    70s disco guys had the habit of unbuttoning few buttons of their shirt from the top, slightly revealing their chests. And, it was also popular to see guys in those days turning the collars of their shirts up.
    Go for Bell bottom Pants
    It was trendy to put on bell bottom pants in the 70s. Achieve a perfect 70s look with your bell bottom pants by going for a material as well as color that matches your suit jacket. But, if you don’t intend to wear a suit jacket, go for bottom pants with metallic color and bold features. You should ensure your pants hang on your waist. They should also flare out down your ankle starting from your knees.
    Complement Your Outfit with Platform Shoes
    As mentioned earlier, platform shoes were essential part of the 70s costumes to achieve a disco fashion. So, you should complement your 1970s costumes with preferably black platform shoes.
    Adorn Your Neck with a Medallion Necklace
    Your 70s costumes for a disco look would be more complete with a medallion necklace. Wear the necklace so that it rests on the part of your chest that is exposed. The medallion should be slightly long to make a real seventies fashion statement for a disco look.
    Finally, to create a complete 70s disco look with your 70s costumes, wear voluminous hair. Style your hair to reflect as much volume as possible.

  • Best 70’s Costumes Party Ideas for Men

    Best 70’s Costumes Party Ideas for Men
    One of the great ways to outshine others and corner all the attention to yourself in a 70s theme party is to go for 70’s costumes and accessories. Indeed, the 70s decade was characterized by bold and hippie fashion statement, for both men and women. Thinking of how to put your clothing items together for a 70s theme party? Read on to find great ideas.
    Tip #1: Head Online
    The internet should be your first port of call for quick and versatile seventies costume options. Online costume stores stock a wide array of decades costumes – 20s costumes, 60s costumes, 70s costumes, and just any decade costumes. Also, you can walk into a retro clothing store and explore versatile popular men’s fashions in the 70s.
    Tip #2: Select Bell bottom Jeans and Trousers
    Now, when you go online or walk into retro fashion stores, look for bell bottom trousers and jeans. These were the staple back in the days, for men.
    The hippies in this era were in love with tight-fitting tie-dyed T-shirts and tunics. Wear platform shoes to complement your hippie 1970s clothing. You can also wear moccasins or sandals. For a real weird 70s hippie look, you should rather go bare feet.
    Tip #3: Mimic a 70s Disco Look
    Make a 70s disco fashion statement in a theme party with tight polyester suits. These clothing items were the staple on disco floors back in the days. Go for a satin shirt that features butterfly collar.
    Unbutton the top part of your shirt to show off a large shiny medallion worn round your neck. Wear matching boots or platform dress shoes to complement this look. You can get more ideas for 70s disco look by watching the “Saturday Night Fever” iconic movie.
    Ideas for Hairstyles and Accessories
    Your 70’s costumes can only be complete with the right hairdo and accessories. Style your hair in straight and long manner using curling iron. Feather the ends of your hair by flipping them up – get idea from Farrah Fawcett as seen on “Charlie’s Angels.” Alternatively, you can wear an afro wig.
    For accessories, you should go for very loud and bold jewelry pieces as seen with men in the 70s. Other good choices include flashy, large rings and pendants that trap the disco light.  The hippie accessories included friendship bracelets, beads and pendants with peace symbols, for a more complete 70s hippie and disco fashion statement.
    The good news is, it is easy to come by these 70s costumes and accessories. Head to online costume stores or visit the nearest Goodwill store. There are versatile options to choose from and the attendants can also assist you willingly. Go ahead and implement these tips and ideas.

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