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Best 70’s Costumes Party Ideas for Men

Best 70’s Costumes Party Ideas for Men
One of the great ways to outshine others and corner all the attention to yourself in a 70s theme party is to go for 70’s costumes and accessories. Indeed, the 70s decade was characterized by bold and hippie fashion statement, for both men and women. Thinking of how to put your clothing items together for a 70s theme party? Read on to find great ideas.
Tip #1: Head Online
The internet should be your first port of call for quick and versatile seventies costume options. Online costume stores stock a wide array of decades costumes – 20s costumes, 60s costumes, 70s costumes, and just any decade costumes. Also, you can walk into a retro clothing store and explore versatile popular men’s fashions in the 70s.
Tip #2: Select Bell bottom Jeans and Trousers
Now, when you go online or walk into retro fashion stores, look for bell bottom trousers and jeans. These were the staple back in the days, for men.
The hippies in this era were in love with tight-fitting tie-dyed T-shirts and tunics. Wear platform shoes to complement your hippie 1970s clothing. You can also wear moccasins or sandals. For a real weird 70s hippie look, you should rather go bare feet.
Tip #3: Mimic a 70s Disco Look
Make a 70s disco fashion statement in a theme party with tight polyester suits. These clothing items were the staple on disco floors back in the days. Go for a satin shirt that features butterfly collar.
Unbutton the top part of your shirt to show off a large shiny medallion worn round your neck. Wear matching boots or platform dress shoes to complement this look. You can get more ideas for 70s disco look by watching the “Saturday Night Fever” iconic movie.
Ideas for Hairstyles and Accessories
Your 70’s costumes can only be complete with the right hairdo and accessories. Style your hair in straight and long manner using curling iron. Feather the ends of your hair by flipping them up – get idea from Farrah Fawcett as seen on “Charlie’s Angels.” Alternatively, you can wear an afro wig.
For accessories, you should go for very loud and bold jewelry pieces as seen with men in the 70s. Other good choices include flashy, large rings and pendants that trap the disco light.  The hippie accessories included friendship bracelets, beads and pendants with peace symbols, for a more complete 70s hippie and disco fashion statement.
The good news is, it is easy to come by these 70s costumes and accessories. Head to online costume stores or visit the nearest Goodwill store. There are versatile options to choose from and the attendants can also assist you willingly. Go ahead and implement these tips and ideas.

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