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80's Costumes

  • Ensemble Costumes For Men With 80s Outfits

    Ensemble Costumes For Men With 80s Outfits
    Doing a themed costume with friends or family is a great way get noticed and have fun. When a small group dresses up together, it is memorable - particularly when it involves 80s outfits and iconic television shows from this decade. These are the events that party-goers reminisce about months and years later, and it's not just the women that get all of the fun. Here are three easily recognizable ideas for men from some popular television shows of that time:
    1.    The A-Team included four men with distinctive attire and attitude. Hannibal, Face, Murdock, and B.A. (played by Mr. T). Hannibal usually wore a button-up shirt under a lightweight tan coat and held a cigar. Face was the dreamboat with feathered hair who charmed all the ladies. Murdock wore a baseball cap, leather jacket, and khakis; he was also certifiably crazy. And B.A. had the Mohawk, gold jewelry, and muscular arms and chest. This is a great choice if you and your buddies are willing to get into character.
    2.    Another iconic TV show from the eighties was The Dukes of Hazzard. Although the men didn't wear too much that could be considered exclusively 80's Outfits, Daisy Duke was definitely a trendsetter all by herself. With her tight jeans or short-shorts and buttoned shirts tied up at the midriff, she had women all over the country trying to imitate her. Fortunately, most of the regular cast members were men who didn't wear skimpy clothes. Bo and Luke Duke wore buttoned shirts and jeans, Uncle Jesse wore overalls, Roscoe wore sheriff blue, and Boss Hogg wore his pristine white suits. And, of course, everyone wore cowboy hats and boots. If you have a female friend willing to join your group as Daisy, this is an excellent option.
    3.    Perhaps your "group" just has two people. If so, that's no problem! Everyone recognizes the two detectives from Miami Vice. With unbuttoned blazers, light colored slacks, and loafers without socks, putting this ensemble together will be a breeze. Throw in a pastel t-shirt and sunglasses for good measure, and it will be perfect.
    Whatever you choose to do, we have any extras that you will need - even Mr. T's Mohawk! Check out our inventory online today and see what other ideas come to mind.

  • Ladies' Choice: Group Costumes with 80s Fashions

    Group Costumes with 80s Fashion
    When you and your friends go to a party dressed up as a group, it can turn ordinary 80s fashions into an extraordinary costume. Some of the best TV shows from this decade sported a cast of women that didn't necessarily dress over-the-top, but were each unique enough to be recognized in a group. Here are a few favorite women ensembles from this era of television:
    Who doesn't love The Golden Girls? Rose was air-headed, Dorothy was stern, Sophia was a smart aleck, and Blanche never met a man she didn't like. Although Dorothy was distinctive for her long tops and loose slacks (she never wore a skirt), most of the others often wore dresses, blouses, and jackets that can be found in sizable inventory. But it is the accessories that will make this costume. You need glasses for Sophia, gaudy jewelry for Blanche, and wigs for all.
    The Facts of Life was another television show that had a primarily female cast. Middle-aged Mrs. Garrett took good care of the girls that lived in the house she managed. When not wearing their school uniforms, each girl had her own take on 80's fashion. Athletic Jo would wear sweatpants or jeans and a t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up; her brown hair would be pulled into a ponytail. Sweet Tootie might wear short pigtails and a pleated school skirt with a blouse and sweater vest. Insecure Natalie often dressed the same, but she wore her hair down and clipped it out of her face with two barrettes. Wealthy Blair wore blouses and long skirts with heeled boots, and had long, strawberry blond hair that cascaded over her shoulders in wavy curls.
    Probably one of the most well-known (and funniest) casts of women in the eighties were the Designing Women. Although most of these women wore standard business attire of the decade, which can still be easily found today, their hair and attitudes set them apart. Mary Jo Shively was a single mother with short, curly red hair. She and Charlene, who filled the role of the naive blond, both work for Julia Sugarbaker, along with Julia's sister Suzanne (a former beauty pageant winner). Although all of these women were southern to the core and all but Charlene were fairly outspoken, Julia’s legendary wit and charm had a reputation for putting idiots into their place. This is the perfect ensemble costume for a group of ladies that really want to act their part.
    So what are you waiting for? With a few great outfits and some of our wigs and accessories, you will make the perfect splash at your party with one of these ideas.

  • How to Wow in 80's Outfits

    How to Wow in 80's Outfits

    When you are dressing up for any sort of costumed event, you want to look your best. Here are a few tips to help you "wow" in your 80s Outfits:

    1.    Play up to your best features. Are you a woman with amazing legs? Dress up as a pop star in a miniskirt, or an aerobics instructor in leggings and leotard. Are you a man with a muscled chest or arms? Perhaps a shirtless rocker or Rocky Balboa in sleeveless sweats would suit your style. If your best feature is your eyes, choose an ensemble that will let you have some fun with makeup.

    2.    Pick the right colors. Not everyone looks good in the neon colors that were popular in some circles during the eighties. If you are one of the lucky few that can rock the bright shades, then select a costume that will let you do it. If you aren't, then stick with the denims and leather. Not all 80's costumes for women glowed in the dark.

    3.    Pick the styles that work for you. It takes a special someone to be able to pull off a good Michael Jackson or Madonna. Don't just go with what you think will be the most recognizable. Find an ensemble that fits your personality and body type. You will enjoy your event much more if you are comfortable in your own skin - even when pretending to be someone else.

    4.    Get into character. The best costumes are those that seem authentic, and how you behave is part of that package. Are you dressing as a surfer? Call everyone "dude" and use words like "gnarly" and "woah". Using the word "like" 5 times in every sentence and constantly flipping your hair can go a long way to transforming you into a valley girl. And if you are going as Michael Jackson, you'd better be prepared to moonwalk.

    At FunWirks, we understand you want to look your best. Check out our wide array of clothing, accessories, and wigs that can help you put together the right look for your special event.

  • 80's Outfits: The Hair Says it All

    Everyone who chooses to dress up in 80's outfits for a costume party should give special thought and attention to what they are going to do with their hair. More than in almost any other decade, hairstyles during this time period were distinctive. Although some styles were specific for men or women, there were also some that crossed gender barriers and were worn by everyone. What were some of these popular and iconic styles?

    Although the hair crimper was invented in 1972, it didn't become widely used until about a decade later. Sported primarily by young women and teenage girls, this hair is easily recognizable as an eighties style. During this time, youth from both genders often had long tresses with shorter layers at the top, which made crimped hair stand tall and proud, assuming the wearer used enough Aqua Net hairspray.

    Another style frequently worn with 80's outfits is what is often referred to as "rocker hair". Men and women rock stars would "tease" their hair with a comb and hair spray, often getting the shorter top layers it to stand straight up on end and leaving the longer layers underneath hanging down. Wearers would often have locks that were tinted black or bleached blond. Sometimes colored streaks would be dyed into them as well.

    Mullets are yet another distinctive hairdo of this decade. The tresses were cut short on the front and sides of the head, but left to grow long on the back of the head. This fashion is often affectionately described as "business in the front, party in the back." Although some women wore mullets, they are considered to be more of a male hairstyle.

    Because many hair trends in the eighties are so different from today's fashions, most people have to purchase a wig in order to make this look part of their ensemble. Check out our website today to see the variety of colors, cuts, curls, and shapes we have available at FunWirks. Our affordable prices make this accessory one of the best investments you can make for costume fun for years to come!

  • 3 Ways for Men to Accessorize 80's Outfits

    When you imagine 80's outfits for men, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Some of the most popular male styles from this decade are reminiscent of Michael Jackson, Don Johnson, Rocky Balboa, Tom Cruise, or one of the many "hair band" rockers. Although these ensembles are definitely diverse, they each have one thing in common: the accessories are vital.

    Generally we think of an "accessory" as an item for women, but in reality it includes everything from shoes to sunglasses. Here are three items that men should consider when putting together their costume:

    1. Sunglasses were a hot commodity in this decade. Most males wore shades that were either all black or had reflective lenses. Some personalities, like Tom Cruises' characters in Top Gun and Risky Business, cannot be adequately portrayed without this item. For other 80's outfits, it's an extra that simply makes the overall look more recognizable.

    2. Since most people today aren't sporting head-banger hair or mullets, a wig is another accessory that can go a long way to making your costume look more authentic. Even preppy guys that just wore their hair feathered had longer locks than most men today. A decent wig can go a long way to creating an authentic eighties style.

    3. During this decade, makeup wasn't just for women. Some pop stars, like Boy George, wore quite a bit of lipstick, eye shadow, and eyebrow pencil. Other musicians, like Bret Michaels from Poison, sported black eyeliner as part of their look. Cosmetics can also be used to achieve other aspects of a costume, such as George Michael's five o'clock shadow.

    Accessories go a long way towards making almost any iconic 80s fashion look believable. Browse through the FunWirks website to see the many extras we have available that can take your eighties styles to a whole new level.

  • Party themes for 80’s outfits

    If you want a fantastic party theme to go along with your super 80’s outfits and 80's fancy dress, here are some ideas that will impress your guests:
    · Hang up the disco ball and get ready to dance the night away. You can cover the walls in black paper for a nightclub effect and even light the place with tube lamps. The music could include Karaoke or a dance competition. A few posters of pop stars will help set the mood. Songs of Prince, Madonna, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, Donna Summer, and Aerosmith are fitting choices.
    · Use pictures of actors and go for the movie motif. Fire up your DVD player for a showing of Fast Times at Ridgemont High or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Serve popcorn and sodas.
    · A video game signature could include Pac Man and the Mario Brothers. Pinball machines and colorful lights can lend a game room atmosphere.
    · From Chewbacca to Darth Vader, Star Wars is still so popular that props are easy to find.
    Some additional decorations could include neon lanterns, bright curling ribbon streamers, fiber optic lamps, or jewel tone balloons. These would be suitable for a combo bash incorporating multiple facets of the time period.
    The food might range from Doritos and colas to hamburgers with light beer. Tortilla chips with dip and buffalo wings are other possible menu items. Party ware is obtainable in many different designs to coordinate with the culture of this decade.
    Contests for best dancer, wildest hair, or hottest fashion spice up the itinerary. Favors may be Rubik’s cubes, slap bracelets, hats, or sunglasses typical to the era. Treasure hunts, Twister, and Trivial Pursuit are games you can consider.
    Your awesome 80's outfits will complement any of these. Varying sizes, online availability, and sensible prices make the shopping fun and simple, too.
    Find the raddest selection of 80’s clothes and accessories for your event at FunWirks.

  • 80’s outfits and your style: 3 ways to be creative


    When it comes to 80’s outfits, creativity is the order of the day. The untamed and the original can shine. Let your imagination lead you as you put together the hottest ensemble ever:

    1. Pick a theme or personality. There are multitudes of popular possibilities from which to select. Actors, musicians, movies, and cultural subjects are all great ideas. Once you have settled on Boy George, the Valley Girl, Star Wars, or Dirty Dancing, it’s time to shop for the costume.

    2. Choose a look that flatters and complements your personal taste. There’s no point in picking one that really doesn’t define you when there are so many available options. Volume inventory and size preferences allow you to easily locate just what you want. Neon and bright colors such as lime, turquoise, hot pink, and lemon yellow were an essential characterization of the decade.

    3. Accessories and makeup are a major part of your total appearance. These add flavor to your fashion. Think head to toe. Don’t forget the hosiery and belts. As you browse the extras, you will see how important the smaller details become in defining your style. Platform shoes, leggings, or a mullet wig can be the perfect addition to make your 80’s outfits truly outstanding.

    Remember that back in the day, too much was never enough. Everything was more colorful, bigger, or more radical. Apply that approach from your hair to your jewelry for a sensational look.

    The convenience of secure online purchasing, delivery to your door, reasonable prices, and an incredible selection assures that the shopping will be a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

    That party is going to be a blast. Take along a couple of Nerds and Jawbreakers to surprise your BFF.

    Fire your imagination with all the 80’s clothing choices at FunWirks.

  • 3 80's Outfits That Still Inspire

    3 80's Outfits That Still Inspire

    80's outfits have had their ups and downs, but there are certain looks that still impress us. While there are so many great looks to choose from, we have chosen three top looks that are our absolute favorites:


    1. Top of the Line With Top Gun


    Whether you are a man or a woman, we have movie costumes that represent the fashion of this movie, which was so strong, powerful, and enduring. Bomber jackets and aviator glasses are the staple for both looks, and the woman's ensemble also comes with a skirt and belt for a stunning look that is sure to garner adoration and respect.


    2. She's a Wild Child


    The wild child costume is so quintessentially 80s that we had to have it in our top three looks. The leopard print cropped jacket, black top and tutu, black lace cropped leggings, and white lace gloves are a total package that is adorably retro. Even better, it can be disassembled and effortlessly incorporated into your wardrobe to add a little wild child to your everyday life.


    3. Fitting in With the Misfit


    Though it's called the misfit costume, this is a fun and punk-y fashion statement that is anything but out of place. Punk 80's outfits had a major following, and with the ripped stockings, studded collar and belts, pleated plaid mini skirt, and tank with a British flag and anarchy symbol print, you are sure to embody the rebellious punk movement that was so entrenched in this era.


    Don't stop there! These are just three of our favorite ensembles. There are tons of costumes and accessories for not only this era, but many others as well. So, take your time and browse around. You may just find the perfect costume that adds a little fun and variety to your current wardrobe.


  • The 5 best 80’s outfits to be seen in

    The 5 best 80’s outfits to be seen in

    You want to be seen in the best light possible, and 80’s outfits are always hot. Here are some of the top 5 choices to ensure authenticity and awesome style:

    1. Madonna’s outrageous and sexy image will always draw admirers. It is easy to imitate her incomparable stage presence with fishnet hosiery, lavish makeup, and eye candy Madonna costumes. You can even use whichever hair color you prefer, since that’s exactly what she did.
    2. The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was an incredible trend setter, too. The glove and his spangled jackets are must-have trademarks. If you’ve got some great moves, so much the better.
    3. The foxy Boho flair of Cyndi Lauper is perfect for the romantic. Recall the decade with short skirts, layers of belts and jewelry, and a mullet wig.
    4. Boy George often appeared in different cool hats. You can be the chameleon in front of your mirror as you find the one that flatters you most.
    5. Replicate the magic of Top Gun with a leather coat and aviator glasses. Don’t forget to flash a seductive smile throughout the night.

    If you happen to want a different fashion, there’s the Valley Girl with her big bows, the soap star wearing shoulder pads and big hair, or a whole host of pop artists from that era. A seemingly endless assortment of 80s outfits is available in small, medium, and large to fit almost everyone. They are reasonable in cost, and can be worn for any number of occasions from dress-up parties, to New Year’s Eve, to a particularly special date. A huge array of accessories will help you complete the lasting impression. So land that winning ensemble and get ready to have the fun of a real rock star.


  • 3 80's Outfits That Can Still Turn Heads

    3 80's Outfits That Can Still Turn Heads

    Sure, the era had a few fashion missteps, like shoulder pads and big hair, but that doesn't mean that they didn't come up with some great fashion. 80's outfits have been updated and rolled back out in the fashion world, and here are three that we feel have withstood the test of time.


    1. Becoming Top Gun


    This hot look is great for costumes for men and women! From the aviator glasses to the slick bomber jackets, Top Gun made this era look good in a way that is practically timeless. You will look like you are in control with this ensemble that includes a jacket and glasses for the guy and a jacket, skirt, belt, and glasses for the lady.


    2. Getting in the Groove


    The opposing hard and soft that this groove ensemble offers is fantastic. From the lacy top and leggings to the opposing lavender and black colors, this outfit is the epitome of tough and feminine. You could wear this out for a date or to the club without a second look. When you buy the Groove, you get a skirt, leggings, lace hair tie, and camisole with lace shirt. The kicker is a white leather belt with a buckle that reads "Boy Toy," a statement that we think says it all.


    3. The Misfit Costume


    It may be called a misfit costume, but this is anything but out of place. There were so many different styles of 80's outfits, and the punks were certainly a standout group. The British flag tank top layered with the anarchy symbol is such a fashionable piece and the pleated mini in a red tartan pattern are as fresh now as they were back then. You will also get a studded collar, 2 studded belts and some ripped up fishnets to complete this look.


    There are so many great 80s clothing and accessories from this decade to choose from. You can be styling for that costume party and spicing up your daily wardrobe in no time. Just head over to our website at

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