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60s Costumes

  • 60s Costumes – Hippie Costume Ideas for a Guy

    60s Costumes – Hippie Costume Ideas for a Guy

    The easiest way to come up with your 60s costumes for a hippie guy look is to buy ready-made pieces from Alternatively, you can make one from the scratch and integrate your preferred features. Of course, an online decade costume store can customize your 1960s costume to suit your taste.

    Hippie Guy Clothing

    If you really want your costume to spell out authentic hippie look, you must embrace clothing items such as bell bottoms, hemp jewelry, tie-dye, and even symbols that are characteristic of the 60s hippie look. These include love and peace symbols.

    Loose-fitting Shirts

    Purchase a loose-fitting t-shirt from a vintage or decade clothing store. Customize the t-shirt for a 60s look by drawing a peace or love symbol or tie-dying it. The Dashiki was a loose-fitting, big shirt style that became a staple in the 60s. It was mostly worn by West African men. Your local thrift store is a great place to look for such popular 60s apparel.

    Bellbottom Jeans

    If you want to go traditional with your hippie look as a guy, you certainly cannot do without bell-bottom jeans. Look for your size online or in thrift stores. Alternatively, you can get an old jeans of yours and cut about 6 or 8 inches opening at the bottom and integrate a couple of brightly colored fabrics to make the jeans’ bottom wider. Don’t forget that your bellbottom jeans should be paired with simple vest.

    Hippie Guy Hairdo and Face

    Clothing alone won’t provide you with very authentic 60s hippie boy look. For a perfect hair that matches your 60s costumes for a hippie look perfectly, stay natural with your hair. It’s better this way than doing anything to your hair.

    But, if you’re not too pleased with plain natural hair, some simple steps can enhance your hairdo. For instance, run your fingers through your hair to finger-comb it. This is a great way to obtain a free-flying and more natural hair appearance. However, you don’t have to finger-comb very short hair. Styling your hair won’t provide you with authentic hippie guy look.


    Real hippie boys back in the 60s wore scarf as headbands to complement their hippie look. Doing the same will also complement your 60s costumes for a hippie look perfectly. Also, full beards, goatees, long sideburns and mustaches were some of the popular facial features that highlighted a hippie look.


    There were three categories of shoes that completed the hippie look back in the days. They are clogs, sandals or barefoot. The trick is to keep it simple but cute. Sunglasses are among the most important part of the hippie look, alongside long neck jewelry with peace symbol.

    Learn more ideas and tips for 60's costumes in our subsequent posts.

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