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Monthly Archives: August 2017


    Halloween costumes form the basis of Halloween, without them the whole fun about Halloween is no longer there. The whole point of wearing the Halloween costume is for people to relate to your look, if you wear something odd that people can’t truly relate to then it’s just hopeless. It’s better to stick to what people are quite familiar with. This article is specifically focused on various Halloween costume ideas for women. If you are a woman and you are in need of a good Halloween costume then this will guide you in your search for the best Halloween costume. Some images would be highlighted in this article, these images are different Halloween costume design that may interest you or give you an idea of what you what your Halloween costume to be.
    The first costume here is a 90s GRUNGE GIRL COSTUME. Wearing designs from the past is a major theme for most Halloween costumes. This look was common in the 90s, the purpose of wearing this is to relieve those moments again. This look is very age appropriate and beautify, it’s a very innocent and down to earth look and it would make a very good Halloween costume.

    Grunge Girl Grunge Girl Costume

    We all love watching Television, most of our Halloween costumes are based on television characters, these costumes are the characters on a famous children cartoon THE FLINTSTONES. This costumes are very cute and stylish and will definitely make a statement.

    This costume is also based on a television character, this popular TV Character is called UGLY BETTY. This look basically is her signature look on the TV series. It’s a funny costume though but it would make a good impression in front of your peers

    Ugly Betty Costume Ugly Betty Costume

    This costume is also a character in THE FLINTSTONES. It is also another gorgeous look that you can put together for Halloween. A lot of people would definitely relate to this look.

    Wilma Flintstone Costume Wilma Flintstone Costume

    This look is popularly called FLAPPER GIRL this design is traced to the 1920s. it is very interesting costume, not just that it is sexy, and can be worn by various sizes of women. It is age appropriate, it can be worn by anybody and it still remains one of my favourite Halloween costumes.

    The next look is from the 50s. This costume is called the SUSIE Q COSTUME. This look is very innocent and cute making it age appropriate. It is stylish and comfortable.

    This costume is based on another TV show character from the 1950s, this was a popular TV series titled “I LOVE LUCY”. This costume represents the female lead “LUCY”. This is looks is very traditional and adorable. It makes a very classy Halloween costume.

    This is a celebrity costume look. It is the RIHANNA BLACK VINYL CONCERT OUTFIT. This is a more edgy and sexy look. It really makes an awesome Halloween costume.

    This suggested Halloween costumes are cool and highly recommendable but your choice cannot be based on them alone. There are various areas to can look into for that awesome Halloween costume that befits you.

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