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Monthly Archives: May 2015

  • Ensemble Costumes For Men With 80s Outfits

    Ensemble Costumes For Men With 80s Outfits
    Doing a themed costume with friends or family is a great way get noticed and have fun. When a small group dresses up together, it is memorable - particularly when it involves 80s outfits and iconic television shows from this decade. These are the events that party-goers reminisce about months and years later, and it's not just the women that get all of the fun. Here are three easily recognizable ideas for men from some popular television shows of that time:
    1.    The A-Team included four men with distinctive attire and attitude. Hannibal, Face, Murdock, and B.A. (played by Mr. T). Hannibal usually wore a button-up shirt under a lightweight tan coat and held a cigar. Face was the dreamboat with feathered hair who charmed all the ladies. Murdock wore a baseball cap, leather jacket, and khakis; he was also certifiably crazy. And B.A. had the Mohawk, gold jewelry, and muscular arms and chest. This is a great choice if you and your buddies are willing to get into character.
    2.    Another iconic TV show from the eighties was The Dukes of Hazzard. Although the men didn't wear too much that could be considered exclusively 80's Outfits, Daisy Duke was definitely a trendsetter all by herself. With her tight jeans or short-shorts and buttoned shirts tied up at the midriff, she had women all over the country trying to imitate her. Fortunately, most of the regular cast members were men who didn't wear skimpy clothes. Bo and Luke Duke wore buttoned shirts and jeans, Uncle Jesse wore overalls, Roscoe wore sheriff blue, and Boss Hogg wore his pristine white suits. And, of course, everyone wore cowboy hats and boots. If you have a female friend willing to join your group as Daisy, this is an excellent option.
    3.    Perhaps your "group" just has two people. If so, that's no problem! Everyone recognizes the two detectives from Miami Vice. With unbuttoned blazers, light colored slacks, and loafers without socks, putting this ensemble together will be a breeze. Throw in a pastel t-shirt and sunglasses for good measure, and it will be perfect.
    Whatever you choose to do, we have any extras that you will need - even Mr. T's Mohawk! Check out our inventory online today and see what other ideas come to mind.

  • Ladies' Choice: Group Costumes with 80s Fashions

    Group Costumes with 80s Fashion
    When you and your friends go to a party dressed up as a group, it can turn ordinary 80s fashions into an extraordinary costume. Some of the best TV shows from this decade sported a cast of women that didn't necessarily dress over-the-top, but were each unique enough to be recognized in a group. Here are a few favorite women ensembles from this era of television:
    Who doesn't love The Golden Girls? Rose was air-headed, Dorothy was stern, Sophia was a smart aleck, and Blanche never met a man she didn't like. Although Dorothy was distinctive for her long tops and loose slacks (she never wore a skirt), most of the others often wore dresses, blouses, and jackets that can be found in sizable inventory. But it is the accessories that will make this costume. You need glasses for Sophia, gaudy jewelry for Blanche, and wigs for all.
    The Facts of Life was another television show that had a primarily female cast. Middle-aged Mrs. Garrett took good care of the girls that lived in the house she managed. When not wearing their school uniforms, each girl had her own take on 80's fashion. Athletic Jo would wear sweatpants or jeans and a t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up; her brown hair would be pulled into a ponytail. Sweet Tootie might wear short pigtails and a pleated school skirt with a blouse and sweater vest. Insecure Natalie often dressed the same, but she wore her hair down and clipped it out of her face with two barrettes. Wealthy Blair wore blouses and long skirts with heeled boots, and had long, strawberry blond hair that cascaded over her shoulders in wavy curls.
    Probably one of the most well-known (and funniest) casts of women in the eighties were the Designing Women. Although most of these women wore standard business attire of the decade, which can still be easily found today, their hair and attitudes set them apart. Mary Jo Shively was a single mother with short, curly red hair. She and Charlene, who filled the role of the naive blond, both work for Julia Sugarbaker, along with Julia's sister Suzanne (a former beauty pageant winner). Although all of these women were southern to the core and all but Charlene were fairly outspoken, Julia’s legendary wit and charm had a reputation for putting idiots into their place. This is the perfect ensemble costume for a group of ladies that really want to act their part.
    So what are you waiting for? With a few great outfits and some of our wigs and accessories, you will make the perfect splash at your party with one of these ideas.

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