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Monthly Archives: October 2014

  • How to Wow in 80's Outfits

    How to Wow in 80's Outfits

    When you are dressing up for any sort of costumed event, you want to look your best. Here are a few tips to help you "wow" in your 80s Outfits:

    1.    Play up to your best features. Are you a woman with amazing legs? Dress up as a pop star in a miniskirt, or an aerobics instructor in leggings and leotard. Are you a man with a muscled chest or arms? Perhaps a shirtless rocker or Rocky Balboa in sleeveless sweats would suit your style. If your best feature is your eyes, choose an ensemble that will let you have some fun with makeup.

    2.    Pick the right colors. Not everyone looks good in the neon colors that were popular in some circles during the eighties. If you are one of the lucky few that can rock the bright shades, then select a costume that will let you do it. If you aren't, then stick with the denims and leather. Not all 80's costumes for women glowed in the dark.

    3.    Pick the styles that work for you. It takes a special someone to be able to pull off a good Michael Jackson or Madonna. Don't just go with what you think will be the most recognizable. Find an ensemble that fits your personality and body type. You will enjoy your event much more if you are comfortable in your own skin - even when pretending to be someone else.

    4.    Get into character. The best costumes are those that seem authentic, and how you behave is part of that package. Are you dressing as a surfer? Call everyone "dude" and use words like "gnarly" and "woah". Using the word "like" 5 times in every sentence and constantly flipping your hair can go a long way to transforming you into a valley girl. And if you are going as Michael Jackson, you'd better be prepared to moonwalk.

    At FunWirks, we understand you want to look your best. Check out our wide array of clothing, accessories, and wigs that can help you put together the right look for your special event.

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