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Monthly Archives: July 2014

  • Plus Size Costumes Ideas

    Plus Size Costumes Ideas
    For a larger build, it’s always a daunting task trying to get the right costume. You can find plus size costumes in most costume shops. But the problem is, you may have to spend a lot for the store-bought plus size versions. Well, if you have a robust budget, this would definitely not be a problem. On the other hand, if your budget is tight, you would want to look for cheaper option for a plus-sized Halloween costume. Feel free to wear any costume that suits your plus-size, as long as you feel comfortable and look modest.
    Here are some plus size costumes ideas;
    Celebrity Costumes
    Famous people’s costumes are usually suitable for plus-sized individuals since you can easily and quickly create them from what you have already in your closet. You can also quickly gather some items for plus size costumes from a thrift store. Looking for famous people to mimic with your plus size costume? Some stunning ideas include celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Elvis. Other ideas include mimicking the most famous reality show star, newsworthy reality, musician, political figure or athlete. The costume doesn’t need to be complex, something simple but attention-getting would do.
    Fantasy Clothing
    Whether a plus sized man or woman, some great plus size costumes ideas include mythology and fantasy. Consider wearing robes just as several famous fantasy characters would do, whether it is Harry, Zeus or Potter. This is a comfy way for plus-sized men to enjoy their fantasy costume. The female plus sized should consider mimicking Red Riding Hood or Glenda the Good Witch by wearing a corset on a dress with petticoats. You can make a fantasy plus size costumes from what you have at home, you may also go for bought private fantasy costume.
    Food Costume for Plus Size
    Food costume is also a great costume idea for plus sized people, especially during Halloween. Besides, this one is easy and low-cost since you can always use what you have in your closet to make the costume, as long as they are colorful. Consider making a grape costume by attaching purple color balloons onto a purple-color shirt. For fried egg costume, use a large circle of yellow felt and a white sheet. A couple should consider wearing alternating black and white attires and complement their look with matching hats with the inscriptions “P” and “S”, which stands for Pepper and Salt. If you prefer a cotton candy costume, dress in pink and put on a paper cone cap on your head.
    There are tons of other plus size costumes for men and women alike. You only need to be creative in order to attract people’s attention with your plus size outfit.

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