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Monthly Archives: May 2014

  • Party themes for 80’s outfits

    If you want a fantastic party theme to go along with your super 80’s outfits and 80's fancy dress, here are some ideas that will impress your guests:
    · Hang up the disco ball and get ready to dance the night away. You can cover the walls in black paper for a nightclub effect and even light the place with tube lamps. The music could include Karaoke or a dance competition. A few posters of pop stars will help set the mood. Songs of Prince, Madonna, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, Donna Summer, and Aerosmith are fitting choices.
    · Use pictures of actors and go for the movie motif. Fire up your DVD player for a showing of Fast Times at Ridgemont High or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Serve popcorn and sodas.
    · A video game signature could include Pac Man and the Mario Brothers. Pinball machines and colorful lights can lend a game room atmosphere.
    · From Chewbacca to Darth Vader, Star Wars is still so popular that props are easy to find.
    Some additional decorations could include neon lanterns, bright curling ribbon streamers, fiber optic lamps, or jewel tone balloons. These would be suitable for a combo bash incorporating multiple facets of the time period.
    The food might range from Doritos and colas to hamburgers with light beer. Tortilla chips with dip and buffalo wings are other possible menu items. Party ware is obtainable in many different designs to coordinate with the culture of this decade.
    Contests for best dancer, wildest hair, or hottest fashion spice up the itinerary. Favors may be Rubik’s cubes, slap bracelets, hats, or sunglasses typical to the era. Treasure hunts, Twister, and Trivial Pursuit are games you can consider.
    Your awesome 80's outfits will complement any of these. Varying sizes, online availability, and sensible prices make the shopping fun and simple, too.
    Find the raddest selection of 80’s clothes and accessories for your event at FunWirks.

  • 80’s outfits and your style: 3 ways to be creative


    When it comes to 80’s outfits, creativity is the order of the day. The untamed and the original can shine. Let your imagination lead you as you put together the hottest ensemble ever:

    1. Pick a theme or personality. There are multitudes of popular possibilities from which to select. Actors, musicians, movies, and cultural subjects are all great ideas. Once you have settled on Boy George, the Valley Girl, Star Wars, or Dirty Dancing, it’s time to shop for the costume.

    2. Choose a look that flatters and complements your personal taste. There’s no point in picking one that really doesn’t define you when there are so many available options. Volume inventory and size preferences allow you to easily locate just what you want. Neon and bright colors such as lime, turquoise, hot pink, and lemon yellow were an essential characterization of the decade.

    3. Accessories and makeup are a major part of your total appearance. These add flavor to your fashion. Think head to toe. Don’t forget the hosiery and belts. As you browse the extras, you will see how important the smaller details become in defining your style. Platform shoes, leggings, or a mullet wig can be the perfect addition to make your 80’s outfits truly outstanding.

    Remember that back in the day, too much was never enough. Everything was more colorful, bigger, or more radical. Apply that approach from your hair to your jewelry for a sensational look.

    The convenience of secure online purchasing, delivery to your door, reasonable prices, and an incredible selection assures that the shopping will be a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

    That party is going to be a blast. Take along a couple of Nerds and Jawbreakers to surprise your BFF.

    Fire your imagination with all the 80’s clothing choices at FunWirks.

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