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Monthly Archives: April 2014

  • 80's Theme Party: Favors Equals Fun


    If you're having an 80s retro party, then you will want your guests to dress up in 80's outfits. Whether they go all out or throw something together from their existing wardrobe, retro fashions are a great way to get the party started, and you can help them complete their looks with some totally radical accessories.


    Costumes For Men

    There are so many accessories to choose from for men and women of all ages, but for the men at your party, here are a few of our favorite accessories:

    • Checkered Bow Tie: Totally retro and perfect for any ensemble from geek to rocker, the checkered bow tie adds a touch of unconventional class.
    • Skinny Piano Tie: This iconic accessory can be worn with or without a formal button up shirt and lends a little bit of rock and roll.
    • Double Studded Wristband: This wristband is a whole lot of rock and roll for the macho man in the group.


    Costumes For Women

    For all the ladies out there, we have retro accessories to complete your 80's outfits. Here are three of our favorites:

    • Banana Clips: These packs of two brightly colored banana clips will help you quickly sweep your hair up in that iconic layered ponytail look.
    • Jelly Bracelets and Rings: The pack allows you to give one to each guest, or layer a bunch of them up, and they come in neon, black, or sparkly colors.
    • Feather Earrings: Your friends will wear these attractive earrings again and again because they're cute, retro, and yet still totally on trend for today's fashion.


    For Anyone


    Whether your party includes adults, kids, or a mixture of genders and ages, these accessories have a little something for everyone:


    • T-Shirt Slides: Easier than trying to knot your shirt, these slides make going retro super easy.
    • Party Sunglasses: These retro frames are fun and colorful, and the perfect accent to any 80s ensemble.
    • Music Note Suspenders: Again, colorful, fun and funky, and totally appropriate for any age or gender looking to go retro.


    Of course, that list is far from exhaustive. Browse our store for more ideas for your next party, and have fun going retro in this totally awesome era.

  • 3 80's Outfits That Still Inspire

    3 80's Outfits That Still Inspire

    80's outfits have had their ups and downs, but there are certain looks that still impress us. While there are so many great looks to choose from, we have chosen three top looks that are our absolute favorites:


    1. Top of the Line With Top Gun


    Whether you are a man or a woman, we have movie costumes that represent the fashion of this movie, which was so strong, powerful, and enduring. Bomber jackets and aviator glasses are the staple for both looks, and the woman's ensemble also comes with a skirt and belt for a stunning look that is sure to garner adoration and respect.


    2. She's a Wild Child


    The wild child costume is so quintessentially 80s that we had to have it in our top three looks. The leopard print cropped jacket, black top and tutu, black lace cropped leggings, and white lace gloves are a total package that is adorably retro. Even better, it can be disassembled and effortlessly incorporated into your wardrobe to add a little wild child to your everyday life.


    3. Fitting in With the Misfit


    Though it's called the misfit costume, this is a fun and punk-y fashion statement that is anything but out of place. Punk 80's outfits had a major following, and with the ripped stockings, studded collar and belts, pleated plaid mini skirt, and tank with a British flag and anarchy symbol print, you are sure to embody the rebellious punk movement that was so entrenched in this era.


    Don't stop there! These are just three of our favorite ensembles. There are tons of costumes and accessories for not only this era, but many others as well. So, take your time and browse around. You may just find the perfect costume that adds a little fun and variety to your current wardrobe.


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