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Monthly Archives: December 2013

  • The 5 best 80’s outfits to be seen in

    The 5 best 80’s outfits to be seen in

    You want to be seen in the best light possible, and 80’s outfits are always hot. Here are some of the top 5 choices to ensure authenticity and awesome style:

    1. Madonna’s outrageous and sexy image will always draw admirers. It is easy to imitate her incomparable stage presence with fishnet hosiery, lavish makeup, and eye candy Madonna costumes. You can even use whichever hair color you prefer, since that’s exactly what she did.
    2. The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was an incredible trend setter, too. The glove and his spangled jackets are must-have trademarks. If you’ve got some great moves, so much the better.
    3. The foxy Boho flair of Cyndi Lauper is perfect for the romantic. Recall the decade with short skirts, layers of belts and jewelry, and a mullet wig.
    4. Boy George often appeared in different cool hats. You can be the chameleon in front of your mirror as you find the one that flatters you most.
    5. Replicate the magic of Top Gun with a leather coat and aviator glasses. Don’t forget to flash a seductive smile throughout the night.

    If you happen to want a different fashion, there’s the Valley Girl with her big bows, the soap star wearing shoulder pads and big hair, or a whole host of pop artists from that era. A seemingly endless assortment of 80s outfits is available in small, medium, and large to fit almost everyone. They are reasonable in cost, and can be worn for any number of occasions from dress-up parties, to New Year’s Eve, to a particularly special date. A huge array of accessories will help you complete the lasting impression. So land that winning ensemble and get ready to have the fun of a real rock star.


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