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Monthly Archives: November 2013

  • The raddest, baddest 80’s outfits

    When recalling the disco decade, you don’t have to look back too far, as so many of the styles from the height of pop culture are still in demand today. There was some stiff competition for the raddest, baddest 80’s outfits.

    The top contenders were the music and movie driven themes. Shining the spotlight on just a few, the unique fashion of each again grabs attention:

    • The Valley Girl, with her neon hair bows, short skirts, and leg warmers captured many a second glance.
    • Flashdance not only inspired romantic fantasy, but elegant and eye-catching 80s dresses and menswear.
    • Who can forget the aviator sunglasses and bomber jacket in Top Gun?
    • The mullet hair of Cyndi Lauper accompanied great colors and frilly feminine attire.
    • The perfectly coifed curls of Michael Jackson were canvassed by his spangled jackets and signature white glove.
    • Madonna reigned as the monarch of statements, often both glamorous and outrageous.

    With Halloween and holiday parties approaching, you want the hottest costumes for women. You want to make a statement. You just can’t miss if you choose from the vast selection of 80’s outfits. You can have all of the details that were so important to the celebrity trends. Costuming has mirrored their images with every accessory imaginable from lace fingerless gloves to scarves to belts and hats. You can transform into a rock diva or ZZtop. Small, medium, and large sizes accommodate almost anyone. No matter if your hair is the wrong color. Wigs and hairpieces will take you from brunette to blonde in a heartbeat. You can even sport a green Mohawk.

    From soap star to pop star: shoulder pads, huge hoop earrings, and big hair will take you there. Don’t just put it on for the party, wear something rad for a too cool date. You look totally awesome.

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