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Monthly Archives: October 2013

  • The Top 5 80’s Outfits to Wear on Halloween

    The Top 5 80’s Outfits to Wear on Halloween

    Everyone wants those perfect costumes for Halloween, and those 80’s outfits are a must. If you are searching for a look that will turn heads and get the party rolling, go no further than the pop star craze and those fabulous fashion trends of that decade. Still so popular today, let’s consider the five hippest of the hip:

    • Of course there’s Michael Jackson’s white glove and sparkling jackets, recalling those amazing dance moves. You just can’t beat it.
    • Move over for Madonna, the queen of attention getting 80s clothes; a surprise with each new appearance. Rock diva hairpieces, glitter and glitz makeup, and outrageous fashion can transform anyone into an almost clone.
    • Who can forget Cyndi Lauper and her neon hair? You can capture her essence with a mullet wig, frilly short skirt, and multiple skinny belts.
    • Flash Dance, so memorable for all the fun and romance, inspired a rage for everything from dance dress to fancy dress 80’s outfits.
    • Boy George, with his hats and teased hair, influenced a lot of cool copycats.

    Fun, sexy, or stunning: that era in fashion will forever have its own striking page in the history of style. Whether you want to wage a shock and awe campaign or override the competition, you can plant your imprint indelibly in their minds. Need more ideas? Perhaps you have visited our site at in your quest for that jaw dropping image or those indispensable accessories that immediately render you recognizable as someone famous. With everything from leg warmers to high ponytails, you can get all the awesome details to make your holiday festivities a celebration to remember. After all, it is the one night of the year when everyone gets to be an actor or a singer or a dancer.

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