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Monthly Archives: September 2013

  • 3 80's Outfits That Can Still Turn Heads

    3 80's Outfits That Can Still Turn Heads

    Sure, the era had a few fashion missteps, like shoulder pads and big hair, but that doesn't mean that they didn't come up with some great fashion. 80's outfits have been updated and rolled back out in the fashion world, and here are three that we feel have withstood the test of time.


    1. Becoming Top Gun


    This hot look is great for costumes for men and women! From the aviator glasses to the slick bomber jackets, Top Gun made this era look good in a way that is practically timeless. You will look like you are in control with this ensemble that includes a jacket and glasses for the guy and a jacket, skirt, belt, and glasses for the lady.


    2. Getting in the Groove


    The opposing hard and soft that this groove ensemble offers is fantastic. From the lacy top and leggings to the opposing lavender and black colors, this outfit is the epitome of tough and feminine. You could wear this out for a date or to the club without a second look. When you buy the Groove, you get a skirt, leggings, lace hair tie, and camisole with lace shirt. The kicker is a white leather belt with a buckle that reads "Boy Toy," a statement that we think says it all.


    3. The Misfit Costume


    It may be called a misfit costume, but this is anything but out of place. There were so many different styles of 80's outfits, and the punks were certainly a standout group. The British flag tank top layered with the anarchy symbol is such a fashionable piece and the pleated mini in a red tartan pattern are as fresh now as they were back then. You will also get a studded collar, 2 studded belts and some ripped up fishnets to complete this look.


    There are so many great 80s clothing and accessories from this decade to choose from. You can be styling for that costume party and spicing up your daily wardrobe in no time. Just head over to our website at

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