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Monthly Archives: July 2013

  • Top 5 80s Costumes and Fashion in Vogue

    Top 5 80s Costumes and Fashion in Vogue

    Indeed, when it comes to fashion, no decade probably went gaga like the 80s. Okay, come to think of it, was there any decade that witnessed people wearing “MC Hammer” baggy pants one day, and skin-tight pants the following day? Only the 80s could get away with such crazy fashions, and of course it was all fun for the people who lived in this decade. And now, the 80s costumes are fast gaining ground in the 21st century.

    Here are the top 80s costumes that have returned back to today’s fashion scene;

    Mini Skirts

    Right now, the popular 80s slogan for women is back among today’s female folks. The slogan simply reads, “the shorter, the better...” Girls and women alike are getting crazier over miniskirts just as it was in the 80s. Although these short skirts were produced from different materials such as leather and knit, the most sought-after was denim, which was always complemented with leggings. This 80s fashion is back in the fashion scene full force.

    Shoulder Pads

    One of the popular 80s costumes and clothing item is shoulder pad. The people who lived in this decade loved it when their shoulders are raised higher. Perhaps, some of the pop musicians inspired the integration of shoulder pads into leather jackets, female tops and even shirts. Although this dressing has not become the norm for party, Halloween and other themes clothing, it is one of the best ways to reflect 80 fashion perfectly. In the 80s, shoulder pad was really the in-thing, and both babes and guys had it going on for them once their shoulders are broadened and raised.

    Leg Warmers

    Can anyone really talk about 80s costumes without pointing to leg warmers? It probably wouldn’t have made sense to people in this decade why people should include leg warmers in their everyday fashion. Well, some folks suspected the 80s people’s legs probably always got chilly due to exposure through miniskirts. But, it doesn’t seem so, they just felt it was fashionable to integrate leg warmers into their fashion. Leg warmers are fast becoming part of today’s fashion and costumes, especially for party wears and Halloween dresses.

    Fingerless Gloves

    These are one of the 80s costumes that are fast returning to the 21st century fashion arena. Fingerless gloves were popular among the punk-rock fans, as well as romance enthusiasts. These pieces were part of Madonna’s fashion signature in the mid-80s, and a lot of varieties were available for people to choose from.

    Large Earrings

    80s costumes and fashion couldn’t have been complete without large earrings. Someone from the 80s explained why recently, “We thought the same beautiful effects that Christmas ornaments have on a Christmas tree could apply with those large earrings on our ears!” So, big earrings became all the rage among ladies in the 80s and had come back to the fashion world in recent time...the bigger, the better.

    If you truly want to reflect the 80’s costumes fully with your Halloween or party clothing, you must include these top 5 style and features in your dressing. But, there are even more features to learn about in our next post.


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