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Monthly Archives: June 2013

  • 4 Top 80's Costumes and Fashion Trends

    4 Top 80's Costumes and Fashion Trends

    Fashion is never consistent, that is why the trends are ever changing.  While most fashions do not return to the scene after they’ve phased out, a few of them are recycled and brought back to the fashion world. 80’s costumes and fashions are among the few recyclable fashions that keep coming back to the fashion arena. Right now, 80’s fashion is in vogue for parties and Halloween.

    The 1980s were popularly known for the numerous fashion trends that accompanied the period. Those fashion trends were termed ‘non-fashionable’ by many. However, millions of people were attracted to those seemingly odd fashions, especially because of the pop stars that inspired such fashions. The young and old were all head-over-heels in love with the popular pop stars and their pop music. As a result, people did not hesitate to accept any fashion trend inspired by those them.

    The Pop Stars Behind the 80’s Fashion

    Moreover, MTV at that time presented the hippest attire to several young singers, and the minds of viewers were easily bought over. Some of the pop stars that set the fashion pace for these never phasing-out fashion trends include Madonna, and the king of pop himself – Michael Jackson. The young people particularly were crazy about these people and their 80’s costumes, even up to this moment!

    Madonna’s Inspired 80s Costumes.

    In those days, the fishnet stockings worn under micro minis by Madonna became the happening fashion of the time, and the memories have returned to the 21st century in different forms, especially the 80’s theme party dresses and Halloween costumes. Also, the 1980s fashion scene was dominated by leather and lace clothing. And of course, the female folks like to go overboard sometimes – some of them wore lingerie as outwear in the bid to demonstrate their craziness for the 80’s costumes and fashions.

    Michael Jackson’s Inspired  80’s Costumes

    The king of pop himself was also the major inspiration behind the 80’s costumes. His trendy ‘Thriller’ music videos brought him millions of fans, who also mimicked his ‘Thriller’ attire. Other hits from Michael Jackson that inspired some trendy dressing include ‘Bad’ and ‘Beat It’.

    The popular clothing and accessories to mimic the 80’s costumes inspired by Michael Jackson include the following;

    • Leather jackets
    • Aviator jackets
    • Fingerless gloves
    • Leather pants (mostly black color)

    These clothing items and accessories gained significant popularity in the 80’s, and are increasingly becoming popular again in this 21st century. Also, the clothing, dresses and shirts in those days were characterized by shoulder pads to make the shoulders look broader and raised.

    Jane Fonda’s Inspired 80’s Costumes

    Also, the workout video and dancewear by Jane Fonda created a lot of waves. And soon, clothing items such as leg warmers, leggings leotards became the trend for virtually all dance as well as exercise sessions. This was closely followed by the ‘Flashdance’ release in 1983, popularly characterized with crazy fashion such as ripped sweatshirts that reveal ladies’ one shoulder.

    And now, these top 4 and other 80’s costumes/fashion have come back to the fashion arena and are suitable for parties, Halloween...just name it!

  • Best Halloween Costumes for Kids of all Ages

    Best Halloween Costumes for Kids of all Ages

    Parents need not go through so much trouble to find suitable Halloween costumes for kids of all ages. The best Halloween costumes for kids are usually simple, cool and fun. And, such costumes do not need to be costly and could be created in a jiffy. The major factors to consider for a suitable kid’s costume include the child’s age and interests. You should also consider the plans that your kid’s friends are making towards the trick-or-treaters’ events.

    Here are different Halloween kids’ costume ideas for different ages;

    Halloween Costume Concepts for Grade-schoolers

    One of the favorite ideas for grade-schoolers is the sweat-suits. You can adopt some simple but creative strategies to transform sweatsuits into best Halloween costumes for your grade-schooler. Sweat suits are easy for the kids to wear, plus the comfort that follows.

    For instance, if your grade-schooler is fond of animals, consider adding his or her favorite animal’s features onto the sweatsuit costume. You can add features such as feathered bird figurines, twigs & moss, and cotton balls. Consider using a blue sweat-suit for a male kid, and a pink color for your female kid. These features will create a stunning aviary scene with the costume.

    There’s another great idea to create best Halloween costumes with sweat-suit. The idea is best suited for car-loving grade-schoolers. Glue some diecast cars and colorful masking tape onto the sweat-suits. Consider black or gray color sweatsuits for this purpose. The outcome would mimic a busy highway in a way that would thrill your kid.

    On the other hand, a kid that loves sports would prefer sporting features on the sweat-suit Halloween costume. A green sweat will suit this concept as you integrate white masking tape on it to form a playing field. Next, use the glue to add sports balls and miniature players onto the clothing. And, if you don’t want to buy a costume for the kid in the coming year, you can simply recreate the concept.

    Halloween Costume Concepts for Teenagers

    For a teenage kid, it’s a little challenging to choose what would suit their inquisitive minds. However, you can get around it creatively. First, bear in mind that the best Halloween costumes for teenagers would usually go on the cool direction.

    Perfect example of favorite cool Halloween costumes for teenagers is the Hollywood and movie stars concepts. So, work with your teenage child in order to create his or her favorite movie star Halloween outfit. While your teen may insist on deciding on a suitable movie star character alone, make sure the choice is age-appropriate.

    Halloween Costume Concepts for Toddlers and Babies

    Toddlers and babies depend solely on their parents for suitable and best Halloween costumes. The most important thing is to consider their safety when choosing a costume for toddlers. Generally, cartoon characters and animalistic features are very appealing to these little sweet ones and would be just suitable for them. Fuzzy animals costume is on the top list of costume ideas for babies and toddlers.

    All you need to make or buy the best Halloween costumes for kids of all ages is creativity.

  • Tips and Tricks for Creating Zombie Costumes

    Tips and Tricks for Creating Zombie Costumes 

    The slow-paced, stone-cold horrors from the grave called Zombies have become a hot trend today, especially for Halloween costumes. Luckily also, you can create Zombie costumes with ease except you want to achieve deep makeup effects. If you are just getting started with Zombie clothing, this article would provide you with tips and tricks that work.

    Step 1: Choose Your Preferred Line of Zombie

    There are tons of Zombie varieties to go by, it all depends on your preference.  For instance, you can find modern-day zombie versions, as well as the vintage movie zombies. You will also find the comic book depictions of zombie costumes. Some inspirations I’ve recently found on YouTube include the following;

    • Zombie celebrity
    • Zombie ballerina
    • Zombie doctor
    • Zombie zookeeper
    • Zombie football
    • ...zombie anything

    Just think of any character or career and you will have it zombified with ease. You only have to ensure optimum creativity when selecting your preferred outfit, style or era. There are vast opportunities with your zombification if you can get creative about it.

    Step 2: The Costume Base

    When it comes to your costume base, one option is to buy or make a new one. Another option is to rustle up the previous year’s zombie costume and make it over completely. However, choosing any of the option would depend on the choice of zombie persona (e.g. zombie ballerina, zombie doctor etc) you selected.  

    Warning Note: since it will definitely get destroyed, endeavor to keep it cheap. Before you rustle up the previous year’s costume, ensure you will not mimic that character again. It is more economical to use an old cloth for zombie costumes. But, if you still want to use the old cloth at home for other purposes, a thrift store is a good place to purchase unwanted cloth for zombie outfit.

    Tip 3: Turn the Clothing into a Zombie Costume

    Now, it’s time to turn the clothing into a zombie costume. At this point, the cloth is in place, you need to make it tattered and unkempt. Attach some ripped elements to the tattered cloth to achieve a perfect zombie look. If you are not satisfied with the scruffiness of the costume so far, don’t hesitate to add more disheveled features.

    Tip #4: Add Blood

    Blood sprinkle on the clothing is what creates perfect picture of a zombie. Fake blood works best with zombie clothing. When applying fake blood on the costume, there are essential tricks you can employ;

    • Go for the water-based darker blood
    • The corn-syrup blood causes discomfort as you work around because of its stickiness. Besides, you will end up looking cartoonish instead of mimicking a zombie perfectly.

    There are couple of other things you can add to zombie costumes to get more zombie effects. However, the steps above are sufficient to give you an ideal zombie look.

  • Halloween Costume Ideas for Everyone

    Halloween Costume Ideas for Everyone

    When Halloween is round the corner, it’s always a mixed emotion; excitement for the fun season and anxiety about what costume would fit best. However, you don’t need to get jittery about how to dress for the Halloween. You will find insightful Halloween costume ideas right inside this post. Keep reading...

    Halloween Costumes – The Fun of the Season

    Imagine a Halloween without wide varieties of Halloween costumes? It sure will be boring and plain. These costumes are the highlights of the season. The best way to appear your best during the Halloween season is to plan ahead of time. However, even if you decide to engage in a last-minute decision of what to wear for the Halloween, there are tons of last-minute Halloween costume ideas for you.

    These costume ideas cover every size, sex, age, personality and preference. Also, you can find costume for Halloween to suit your budget (whether low or high budget). You certainly want to appear different and be the talk of the day in your location. That’s fine, you will find costume ideas for Halloween to make you stand out with your Halloween outfit.

    Okay, let’s take it one after the other...

    Halloween Ideas for Kids

    Compared to adults, choosing a costume for a kid is less daunting since kids love just anything. However, you would love your kids to look quite excited in their Halloween dress.

    Kids’ Favorite: Kids prefer anything cool and scary for their Halloween costume. They simply want to run around in their costume, with the feeling of making everyone (including mom and dad) scared. So, you can go for the already-made scary costumes or simply sew up something at home. However, you need to be creative in order to add those scary features to your kid’s Halloween costume.

    Also, a lot of kids prefer to wear a scary make-up instead of real scary costume. This is even easier for you. Get the Halloween make-up kit and let your kid choose from the samples in Halloween costume ideas listed online or in catalogues. You just need to be a little creative to put up the perfect Halloween make-up on your kid. You can also take a leaf from your kid’s favorite TV characters or cartoon heroes – kids love stuffs like that!

    Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults

    Deciding on the right Halloween costume as an adult is more difficult. The logic is simple; adults just like to look impressive and would want to show off. When trying to decide on the perfect costume for Halloween, you should consider the Halloween activity you want to embark on. For instance, will you be partying, staying at home or just taking the kids out on a ‘trick-and-treat’ outing? Choose a Halloween costume that would suit the activity you’ve mapped out for the day.

    Generally, something that would give you comfort and create fun while reflecting your activity of the day would be a perfect choice.

    These Halloween costume ideas are tried and proven, and have outlived several Halloween celebrations.

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