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Movie & TV Star Costumes
80s Karate Kid Costume
80s Karate Kid Costume includes officially licensed complete Miyagi Dojo costume with black belt, Daniel-San headband,and screen printed graphics on back.
Transformers Bumblebee Costume
Transformers Bumblebee Costume includes jumpsuit, chest piece, arm accessory and character mask. Sizes age10-12, or age 7-8.
Transformers Optimus Prime Costume
Transformers Optimus Prime costume includes jumpsuit, chest piece, toy arm weapon and character mask. Sizes age10-12, or age 7-8.
Transformers Ironhide Costume
Transformers Ironhide Costume includes jumpsuit, chest piece, arm accessory and character mask. Sizes age10-12, or age 7-8.
Homer Deluxe Costume
Homer Deluxe TV Costume includes jumpsuit, detachable belly pad and funny vinyl half mask. These funny Halloween costumes Fit Xlarge 42"-46" chest size.
Marge Deluxe Costume
Marge Deluxe Costume includes TV character dress,necklace and blue wig. Fits Medium dress size 8-10.
Sexy Beetlejuice
Sexy Beetlejuice includes dress, wig, and collar with tie. Size small 2-6, Medium 6-10.large 10-14.
Bamm Bamm Costume
TV Costumes includes Vest with Muscle Chest, Shorts with Belt, Wig & Cap, and Foot covers. Standard size, Fits Most.
Barney Rubble Costume
TV Costumes include Barney Rubble Includes Coat with Collar, Cuffs. Wig & Shoe covers. Standard Size, Fits Most
Betty Ruble Costume
TV Costumes Include Dress, belt & Wig with bow. Size Medium (7-10)
Elvira Costume
Elvira Costume Small or medium includes Dress, Belt, & Dagger.
Fred Flinstone Costume
TV Costumes include Coat with Collar, Necktie, Cuffs, Wig & Shoe covers. Standard Size (42-46) chest size
I dream Of Jeanie Costume
Costumes IncludeHead Piece w/Veil, Top and Pantaloons. Standard size (5-10)
Jane Jetson Costume
Costumes Include Dress, Boot tops & Wig. Medium size (7-10)
Judy Jetson Costume
Costumes Include Top, Skirt, Pants, Wig & Wristlets. Medium (7-10)
Legally Blonde Costume
Legally Blonde Costume Includes Dress, Jacket with signature, Bag with Dog.
Legally Blonde Glasses
Legally Blonde Glasses
Legally Blonde Wig
Legally Blonde Wig
Love Guru Costume
Costumes include Character inspired Tunic, Pants, Lei, and 2 beaded necklaces. Size 42-46
Love Guru Wig, Beard, & Moustache
Love Guru Wig, Beard, & Moustache
Matrix Neo Costume
Napoleon Dynamite Costume
Napoleon Dynamite Costume Includes Jacket with Attached Vest, Shirt Front, Tie & Boot Tops.
Popeye Costume
TV Costumes Includes Sailor Shirt with Collar, Pants, Belt, Anchor Tattoo Muscle Arms, & Sailor Hat.
Risky Business Sunglasses
Sunglasses go with all 80's Costumes.
Sexy Corpse Bride Costume
Corpse Bride Costume includes Dress & Headpiece.
Sharpay End Of Year
End Of Year costumes Come with Top, Capri Pants, Headband & bow.
Sharpay Golf Outfit
Sharpay Golf Dress Comes with Dress and White Gloves.
Sharpay Sunglasses
Comes with Sharpay Sunglasses and Flower hairclip
Sharpay Wig
Sharpay Wig with tiarra headpiece
Ugly Betty Costume
Costume comes with Poncho, Wig, Glasses, Necklace, & Teeth w/Braces.
Wilma Flintstone Costume
TV Costumes Include Dress, Wig & Necklace. Medium Size (10-13)
Zorro Costume
Deluxe Zorro muscle chest jumpsuit, boot tops,hat, cape, eye mask & belt.
Zorro Sword
Goes with Zorro costume.