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80's Wigs, and Accessories. From Eighties Flashdance Costumes, 80s Fashion Ideas, to Cyndi Lauper clothing & Michael Jackson Costumes. Our 80s Madonna Costumes, 80s fancy dress, 80s Costumes, Accessories, and 80's clothes are totally awesome.

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Cyndi Lauper
80's True Colors Designer Costume
$33.99 to $36.99
The 80's True Colors is a creative designer original Dress that is totally eighties but is also elegant. An $89.00 retail price is temporarily on sale.
80s Fun Girl
$45.99 to $46.99
80s Fun Girl includes Dress Top and belt. Sizes small (6-8), Medium (10-12). Large (14-16).
80s Pink Gumball Bracelet
80s Pink Gumball Bracelet goes with most 80s costumes and 80's accessories.
80's Crimped High Ponytail
80's Crimped High Ponytail goes with all 80s costumes,Madonna costumes, or 80's fancy dress.
80s Awesome Gloves
80s Awesome Gloves in Black or Hot Pink (about 10" long) Goes with all Madonna costumes,Cyndi Lauper Costumes, or any 80s costumes.
Cyndi Mullet Wig
Cyndi Mullet Wig goes with any Cyndi Lauper Costume or 80's outfits.
80s Dance Party Princess
These Dance Party Princess 80's Costumes includes tank top, reverseable corset belt & Skirt, and 80's leg warmers. Standard size 80's clothes fits most.
80's Cindi Costume
Includes Leotard with attached Skirt, beads and red lace headpiece. Great 80s fancy dress ideas.
80's Sindee Wig
80's Sindee Wig Goes with all Cyndi Lauper Costumes and 80s fancy dress.
80's True Colors Wig
Goes with all 80's Cyndi Lauper Costumes and Cyndi Lauper fancy dress.
Costumes Include Dress, Belt, & Hat. Size small 3-7, Medium 9-11, Large 13-16
80's Glam Wig
Goes With Cyndi Lauper and all 80's Costumes.
80's She Bop Barrette
80's She Bop Barrette Goes with all 80's Costumes, Cyndi Lauper Clothing, and 80s outfits.