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50s Sweetheart Costume
50s Sweetheart Costume includes blouse, shrug jacket, sequined belt, and skirt with crinoline. Fits up to size 14.
50s Cutie
50s Cutie costume includes 50's polka dot skirt, dress with belt, and scarf. Small/Medium 2-8, or Medium/Large 8-14 dress size.
Good Sandy Costume
Good Sandy Grease Costume includes 50's style dress with belt cardigan. Sizes Small/Medium 2-6 Dress size, Medium/Large 8-12 dress size.
Rock N Roll Sweetheart
Rock N Roll Sweetheart includes 50's dress, petti-skirt, belt, and 50's scarf. Small 6-8, Medium 8-10, large 10-12 dress sizes.
50s Soda Shop Sweetie
50s Soda Shop Sweetie Halloween costume comes with stripe bodice dress costume with retro poodle skirt, belt, & neckerchief. Sizes SML/MED 2-8, MED/LRG10-14.
50s Decade Instant Kit
50s Decade Instant Kit includes 50's sunglasses, 50s Polka dot Scarf, earrings and pearl necklace.
Polka Dot Tutu Skirt
Polka Dot Tutu Skirt goes with all 50's costumes and 80s costumes
50's Sweetheart
50's Sweetheart includes 50s top, 50s Satin poodle skirt, and belt.
50s At The Hop Honey
50s At The Hop Honey includes ruffle top dress costumes with poodle applique skirt and neckerchief. Easy Halloween costumes.Sizes SML/MED 2-8, MED/LRG10-14.
50s Car Hop Girl
50s Car Hop Girl includes 50s dress, apron, and cap. Fits up to dress size 12.
50s At The Hop Costume
50s At The Hop Costume includes shirt,mini skirt with attached petticoat, belt & scarf.Size Small(4-6), Medium(8-10)or Large(12-14).
Magic 8 Ball Costume
Magic 8 Ball 50s Costumes fit most. For these funny costumes, Rotate the wheel for 6 possible answers.
The 50's Fonz Costume
The 50's Fonz Costume includes the Happy Days 50s Fonz Jacket. How cool! These easy Halloween costumes are perfect for men. One size fits most.
50s Pinky Tuscadero Costume
50s Pinky Tuscadero Costume includes Jacket,gloves, and scarf. 50's Costume fits most.
50s The Fonz Wig
50s The Fonz Wig goes with the 50s Fonze Costume.
50s Susie Q Costume
50s Susie Q Costume includes top, skirt, & belt. Fits up to size 12.
Nifty 50's Costume
Nifty 50's Costume includes jacket, skirt, and Shirt. Fits up to size 14.
50s Soda Pop Girl Costume
50s Soda Pop Girl Costume includes dress, apron, and cap. Fits up to size 12.
50's Hot Pink Dress (50s Costumes)
50s Costumes include Dress & Headband.These easy Halloween costumes come in Size Small (4-6), Med (8-10), & Large (12-14)
50's Ginger (50's Costumes)
50's Costumes include Dress. Small Medium Or large.
50's Girl Costumes
Costumes Include 50s Dress and Scarf. One size Fits Most.
50's Buddy Holly Costumes
50s Costumes Come with Tie & Jacket. (Fits up to chest size 42)
50's Hop Diva Dress (50's Costumes)
These 50's costumes feature a black dress with silver sequin belt and trim, a pink sequin poodle, and a cropped jacket with pink flower.
50's Hot Black Dress (50's Costumes)
50's Costumes includes easy 50s Halloween Dress & Headband.Comes in Size Small (4-6), Med (8-10), & Large (12-14)
50's Wig w/Headband (50's Costumes)
50's Wig w/Headband goes with all women's 50's Costume ideas.
50's Jitterbug Girl OSFM
50s Costumes Include Dress with attached Top, & Belt. fits Up to Dress Size 12 CLOSE OUT Half Price-no returns
Kids 50's Poodle skirts
Kids 50's Poodle skirts are one size fits all.
50's Gold Elvis Costumes
$53.99 to $58.99
50's Elvis Costumes include matching jacket and pants.
50's Pink Poodle Earrings
Goes With All 50's Style Costumes and Outfits.
50's Poodle Dress Costumes
Fifties Costumes Come with Lycra Stripe & Felt Poodle Dress with Sequined Applique, Vinyl Belt & Scarf.Small 5-7,Medium 9-11,Large 11-13.
50's Poodle Skirt w/Sweater Costumes
50's Pink Cardigan Sweater, 50's Flared Poodle Skirt, 50's Petti Coat & 50's Polka Dot Scarf.
50's Bobby Soxer Costumes
50's Costume includes 50s Dress with Appliqued poodle skirt & attached crinoline & neckchief.
50's Poodle Socks (50's Costumes)
Goes With All 50's Style Costumes and Outfits.
50's Pretty In Poodle Costume
50s Costumes Come with Neck Scarf, Arm Sleeves, Tube Top, Belt, & Skirt w/Crinoline.
50's Prom King Costumes
50s Costumes Come with Bow tie, Shirt Front, Jacket, Cummerbund,& Pants.
50's Prom Queen Costumes
50's Costumes include Top, skirt, sash & wrist corsage. Great 50's Costume ideas.
50's Record Earrings
Goes With All 50's Style Costumes and Outfits.
50's Rhinestone Sunglasses
Goes With All 50's Style Costumes, fancy dress, and Outfits.
50's Rock & Bowl
50's Costumes Include Standard shirt
Danny's Tbird Costume
Costumes fit most (up to chest size 48). Imprinted Pleather Jacket.
Danny's Wig
Goes with Danny Costume and all men's 50's Costumes.
Franny's Fifties Frock
50s Costumes include Frock poodle skirt with poodle art work, Scarf & waist tie. Fits up to 12 dress size.Great 50s Outfits.
I love Lucy Costume
Comes with Dress, Apron with logo & hairbow.
I love Lucy Wig
Goes With I Love Lucy Costume
Juke Box Jill Costume (Kids)
Includes Dress w/Attached Jacket & Belt. Small size
Nerd Glasses
Goes with Buddy Holly and all 50s Outfits and Costumes.
Rock & Roll Costumes (Elvis)
Rhinestone Rock Star costume and Costume Includes Cape. Men's Large Size 42-44
Rock & Roll Kit
Includes: 50s Style Wig, Sunglasses, & Microphone.
Sandy's Costume (Grease)
Imprinted Pleather Jacket, Matching Belt, Scoop Neck Top, & Shiny Fitted Leggings.
Sandy's Wig
Goes With All 50's Style Costumes and Outfits.