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Pirate Costumes
Pirate's Treasure
Pirate's Treasure includes dress with attached jacket and hat. Sizes small (6-8), Medium (10-12). Large (14-16).
Swashbuckler costumes include Pirate jacket attached dress and Pirate hat.
South Seas Siren
South Seas Siren Costumes include Dress with hanker chief skirt and head tie. Comes in size Small(5-8), Medium (8-10), or Large (10-12)
Pirate Wench Wig
Pirate Wench Wig goes with all women pirate costumes and outfits.
Rogue Pirate Costume
Rogue Pirate Costume Includes shirt with attached vest, pants, bandana, belt, waist sash & boot tops. Size large (42-44)
Captain Cutthroat
Captain Cutthroat pirate includes pirate vest with attached shirt front and sleeves, pants, and sash. One size fits most.
Spanish Pirate
Spanish Pirate costume includes dress, hat with feather, sleeves, belt, and pouch. Small (6-8), Medium (8-10), Large (10-12), X large (12-14), XX Large (16-18)
Pirate Shiv
The pirate shiv is excellent quality and very ornate. This heavy weight rubber weapon has skulls on handle and the color is Antique Silver Blade with red and skulls on the handle. 18" long
Midnight Musketeer
Midnight Musketeer includes dress costume with attached petticoat, 2 boot cuffs, and hat. Sizes small/Medium 2-8, or Medium/Large 10-14.
Looking For Booty
Looking For Booty Pirate Costume includes men's black pirate shirt with metal stud skull, Black faux leather vest, red waist sash, and headpiece.
Pirates Treasure Costumes
Women's Pirate Costumes include hat, blouse, corset, & skirt. Fits up to size 14.
Gigolette Pirate Wench Dress Costume
Pirate Halloween costume Includes top, skirt, overskirt, & bandana. Small, medium, or large.
Apocalypse Pirate
Apocalypse Pirate costumes includes Jacket, Pants, Sash, Ascot, & Bandana. Choose size Small, Medium, or Large.
Adult Bandana w/Hair
Authentic pirate look bandana w/ long hair attached.
BlackHeart The Pirate
Crushed Velvet Shirt with Attached Satin Sleeves, Printed Bandana, Boot covers Belt & Wrist Cuffs- Large & XL
Buccaneer Black Shirt
Cotton Shirt & Belt, One Size fits most
Buccaneer White Shirt
Cotton Shirt & Belt, One Size fits most
Captain Cut Throat Costume
 Head Piece w/ attached wig, Jacket, Shirt, Boot Tops & Waist Sash. STD Size Fits Most
Caribbean Pirate Wig
Pirate Wig with Beads and suede do rag.Goes with all Pirate Costumes
Caribean Pirate
Caribean Pirate Halloween Costume includes Head Scarf, Shirt w/Vest & Pants with attached boot tops, STD size fits most.
Cut Throat The Pirate
$29.95 to $29.99
Poly Shirt W/ Lace Treatment, Double Knit Poly Pants, Head Tie, Boot Covers, Belt & Wrist Cuffs-
Gt Caribbean Pirate Plus Costume
Includes tunic, pants with attached boot covers, & waist Sash.
GT Pirate Wench Plus Costume
Plus Costume includes blouse, vest, skirt, boot tops, & head scarf.
GT Swashbuckler Plus Costume
Plus Costume includes Shirt w /attached Vest, pants w/ attached boot tops, & head Scarf.
Maria La Fay Pirate
Jacket w Attached Blouse, Pants and Hat. Standard size
Pink Pirate Costume
Includes 1 Piece Dress, Shirt Ruffled Tunic, Jacket And Hat. Sizes Small (6-8), & Medium (8-10)
Pirate Captain
Includes Jacket with attached Shirt, belt, pants with attached boot covers.
Pirate Gun
Plastic Pirate gun goes with all pirate costumes.
Pirate Hat
Quality pirate hat fits all.
Pirate Hat w/moust & Goatee
Pirate hat w/ long hair & beads. Goatee moustache w/ bead detailing.
Pirate Sword w/Eye Patch
Plastic Pirate sword & eye patch goes with all pirate costumes.
Pirate Wench Costume
Corset, Blouse & Skirt STD Size. Fits Most
Pretty Pirate Costume
Pretty Pirate Comes with one piece dress with attached corset & scarf.
Ruby The Pirate Beauty
Poly Top with Corset styling & Attached Sleeves, Poly Skirt, Hip Wrap & Head Tie- Medium & sizes.
Sally Swashbuckler Costume
Head Scarf, Shirt w/Vest, Belt & Velvet Pants, STD size fits most.
Swashbuckler Black Shirt
Cotton Shirt & Belt, One Size fits most
Swashbuckler White Shirt
Cotton Shirt & Belt, One Size fits most.
Gold Coast Pirate Costume
Comes With Dress, Glovettes, & Headscarf. Size 2-4 Tween