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Kids & Tweens
California Girl Costume Kids
California Girl Costume Kid features dress with multicolor skirt and candy adorned top. Child sizes Small (4-6),Med (8-12), Large(12-14)
80s Karate Kid Costume
80s Karate Kid Costume includes officially licensed complete Miyagi Dojo costume Gi with black belt, Daniel-San headband,and screen printed graphics.
Grunge Spirit Costume
Grunge Spirit Costume includes dress and beanie with faux dreadlocks. Size 10-12 kids
Pink Rock Girl Costume
Pink Rock Girl incudes dress with attached beads & chain. Size 12-14 (8-10 year olds)
Transformers Bumblebee Costume
Transformers Bumblebee Costume includes jumpsuit, chest piece, arm accessory and character mask. Sizes age10-12, or age 7-8.
Transformers Optimus Prime Costume
Transformers Optimus Prime costume includes jumpsuit, chest piece, toy arm weapon and character mask. Sizes age10-12, or age 7-8.
Transformers Ironhide Costume
Transformers Ironhide Costume includes jumpsuit, chest piece, arm accessory and character mask. Sizes age10-12, or age 7-8.
Racy Raccoon Toddler Costume
Racy Raccoon Kids Cute Costumes includes Black Velvet Dress with Plush Trim, Hood with Ears and Pom Poms, Plush Tail, Eye Mask and striped stockings.
80s Rock Star Glam Girl
80s Rock Star Glam Girl includes dress and jacket. Large size age 10-12
Red Viper Ninja Deluxe
Red Viper Ninja Deluxe costume includes Jumpsuit, hood,face mask, and headband. Fits size large kids 10-12.
Totally 80's Amy Kids
Totally 80's Amy Kids includes Dress, headband, and arm warmers. Junior Size 10-12 or 12-14.
70's Daisy Hippie Girl
Cute Daisy Hippie Girl includes tie dye print dress and headband.70s Cute costumes for girls. Small 4-6, Medium 8-10, large 12-14.
90's Punksta Kids Costumes
90's Costumes include nose ring, black shirt with attached tattoo sleeves and skull print and plaid pants.
Funky Mod Kids Costume
Costume features a brightly colored dress with matching headband.
Mod Chic Kids Costume
Costume features dress with matching headband.
Hippie Girl (Teen)
70's outfits include Shirt w/Attached Vest, Pants & Headband.
Hippie Guy (Teen)
70's outfits include Shirt w/Attached Vest, Pants & hat.
80's Pop Party Costume (Kids)
80's Pop Party Costume (Kids)includes dress, glovettes, & lace hair tie. Comes in small,medium, or large.
Lil Hobo Costume
Kids Costume fits Med.3-4, or Large Age 4-6. Costume includes Jacket, Jumpsuit, Hat, Vinyl Hobo Boots, Bow Tie, & Hankerchief.
The Mad Hatter
Item Includes:Dress with Attached Neck Tie, Hat, Leggings, Glovelettes, Shoe Spat Covers
Child Punk Zombie (Kids)
Kids Costume Includes Vinyl mask, Jacket with molded chest piece, & Studded gloves.
Child Zombie Skate Punk
Includes 3/4 Mask, studded Choker, Shirt, Shorts, & studded gloves.
80's Dance Star
80's Dance Star Costumes Includes Tank Top, Mesh shirt,Leggings,leg warmers Headband & gloves.Fits teen 14-16.
Hannah Montana 2009 Costume
Hannah Montana 2009 Costume Hannah Montana Deluxe Dress and Wig. This is an officially licensed costume.
Hannah Montana Blue Costume
Hannah Montana Blue Costume Includes Top w/attached Shrug, Pants Scarf & Wig.
Hannah Montana Gold Costumes
Hannah Montana Gold Costumes Comes with Jacket, Top, Leggings, Belt & Wig.
Hannah Montana Pink Costume
Hannah Montana Pink Costume comes with Jacket, Top w/attached vest, Pants, Belt, Bracelets & Wig.
Harajuku Pop Star Kids
Includes Dress, Sash, Tiny Top hat, Arm warmers, Leg Warmers, & Knickers.
Monster Bride Kids Green
Bride costume features a dress, ruffled petticoat,hat with bow drape, and two hat bolts.
Monster Bride Kids White
Bride costume features a dress, ruffled petticoat,hat with bow drape, and two hat bolts.
80's Rock God Kid
80's Rock God Kid includes shirt, pants,sash, and head scarf.
Runaway Diva Kids Costume
Comes with Jacket w/ Persian Lamb Trim, Skirt, Belt, & Boot Tops.
Sea Star (Tween) Costume
Sea Star (Tween) Costume
Sharpay End Of Year
End Of Year costumes Come with Top, Capri Pants, Headband & bow.
Sharpay Golf Outfit
Sharpay Golf Dress Comes with Dress and White Gloves.
Sharpay Sunglasses
Comes with Sharpay Sunglasses and Flower hairclip
Spike Klown Kids
Includes 1/2 mask, printed shirt, 2 studded gloves, & one studded wristband
80's Kids Rock Star Diva
Star Diva Comes with Shirt, Skirt with attached Leggings, & Belt.
80's Valley Girl Costume
80's Costumes include top with attached pettiskirt, printed leggings, 1 fishnet glove and scrunchy belt.
80's Valley Girl Costume Tween
Top with Attached Pettiskirt, Printed Leggings, 1 Fishnet Glovelette, Scrunchy Belt.
Ghostbusters Kids Costume
Ghostbusters Kids Costume includes jumpsuit & inflatable backpack. Comes in Small (3-4)years old, medium (5-7)years, Large (8-10) years old.
Pop King Kids Costume
Pop King Kids Costume includes Glitter Jacket, Glitter Glove, MJ Wig, Aviator Sunglasses, And Fedora Hat.
Punk Skull Diva (Kids)
Punk Skull Diva (Kids) Medium Kids(5-7 Years old)or Large Kids (8-10 years old). Rock Costume Includes Head Scarf, Choker, Shirt, Skirt, & Glovette.
Rocky IV Kids Costume
Costume includes a robe with BALBOA on the back, red, white and blue shorts with an attached muscle chest, a red sash and red boxing gloves.
Thriller Jacket Kids
Michael Jackson Thriller Costume Pleather Jacket. Order Medium (8-10), Large(10-12) or XLarge (12-14).