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Costume Dresses
California Girl Costume
These California Candy Girl Celebrity Costumes include dress with candy adorned top. Small (4-6), Medium (8-10), Large (12-14)
California Girl Costume Kids
California Girl Costume Kid features dress with multicolor skirt and candy adorned top. Child sizes Small (4-6),Med (8-12), Large(12-14)
Skittles Tank Dress Adult
Skittles Tank Dress includes adult dress size 7-10.
Sequin Flapper 20s Costume
Sequin Flapper 20s Costume includes dress and headpiece. These cool Costumes come in 20s costumes size Small(6-10), 20s costumes size Medium(10-14).....
Sweetarts Teen Dress
Cute Sweetarts Teen Dress includes dress and headband. Size teen 13-16.
Sweetarts Adult Dress
Cute Sweetarts Adult Dress includes dress and headband. Fits dress size 4-10.
Cocoa Cola Soda Girl Costume
These Cute Costumes Include dress with attached apron and headband. Fits 4-10 dress size.
Rihanna Red Dress
Rihanna Red Dress includes dress with flowers and netting. Fits Large dress size 10-14, or Medium 6-10.
Smurf Dress
This creative celebrity Smurf Dress includes 80's Smurf dress. Size small 2-6, Medium 6-10, Large 10-12.
Lady Diva
Lady Diva costume includes Lady Gaga dress costume. Comes in Xsmall 2-4,Small 6-8, Medium 10-12, Large 14-16.
60's Black White Dress
60's Black White Fancy Dress includes dress. Small 6-8,Medium 10-12, Large 14-16.
20s Charleston Flapper
20s Charleston Flapper includes 20s Flapper dress and headband. Small (6-8),Medium (10-12), Large (14-16).
50s At The Hop Honey
50s At The Hop Honey includes ruffle top dress costumes with poodle applique skirt and neckerchief. Easy Halloween costumes.Sizes SML/MED 2-8, MED/LRG10-14.
Fringed 20's Flapper
Fringed 20's Flapper includes dress costume with lace front, and beaded fringing. Sizes small (6-8), Medium (10-12). Large (14-16).
Broadway Flapper Gold
Roaring 20's Broadway Flapper Gold includes dress and headpiece. Size Small(4-6), Medium(8-10)or Large(12-14).
Broadway Flapper Silver
Broadway Flapper Silver includes dress and headpiece. Size Small(4-6), Medium(8-10)or Large(12-14).
Material Pop Star
Material Pop Star includes black dress with lace panels, deep V and metallic star overlay, gloves, hair bow, necklace, and leg warmers.
1960's Party Girl
1960's Party Girl comes with 60's dress and hat.
80s Bride chick
80s Bride chick costume dresses includes fancy dress. Sizes small (6-8), Medium (10-12). Large (14-16).
80s Fun Girl
80s Fun Girl includes Dress Top and belt. Sizes small (6-8), Medium (10-12). Large (14-16).
20s Foxy Flapper
20s Black cute costume dresses includes fancy dress, headband and gloves. Sizes small (6-8), Medium (10-12). Large (14-16).
20's Burlesque Dress Highkick Honey
20's Fashion Burlesque Dress Highkick Honey includes blackbow dress. Small(4-6),Medium (8-10), Or large (10-12)
Good Sandy Costume
Good Sandy Grease Costume includes 50's style dress with belt cardigan. Sizes Small/Medium 2-6 Dress size, Medium/Large 8-12 dress size.
80's Uptown Girl Costumes (Purple)
The 80's Uptown Girl Costume(Purple) is a designer 80's clothes original. an 80's fancy Dress that is totally eighties Fashion but is also elegant.
20's Fringe Flapper Dress
20's Fringe Flapper Dress Black includes 20's costume dress with headpiece and garter.
50s Susie Q Costume
50s Susie Q Costume includes top, skirt, & belt. Fits up to size 12.
70s Go Go Orange
70s Go Go Orange 70s mini dress with bell sleeves and head scarf. Size Small(4-6), Medium(8-10)or Large(12-14).
60's Mod Yellow Costumes
60's Mod Yellow dress, belt & Headband. Size USA Small (3-8)
90's Rocker Dress
90s clothes Rocker Dress comes in small (1-5),Medium (7-9), & Large (10-12)
80's Pop Party Dress Costumes
80's Pop Party Costumes include dress,glovettes, & lace hair tie. Just add your favorite 80s Fashion Accessories. 80's fancy Dress size.....
70s Hippie Dress
70s Hippie Dress includes 70's fancy dress.
50's Hop Diva Dress (50's Costumes)
These 50's costumes feature a black dress with silver sequin belt and trim, a pink sequin poodle, and a cropped jacket with pink flower.
50's Hot Black Dress (50's Costumes)
50's Costumes includes easy 50s Halloween Dress & Headband.Comes in Size Small (4-6), Med (8-10), & Large (12-14)
50's Hot Pink Dress (50s Costumes)
50s Costumes include Dress & Headband.These easy Halloween costumes come in Size Small (4-6), Med (8-10), & Large (12-14)
60's Mod Zig Zag Costume Dress
60's Mod Zig Zag Dress Costume fits up to size 12. Just add your favorite 60s fashion accessories.
50's Poodle Dress Costumes
Fifties Costumes Come with Lycra Stripe & Felt Poodle Dress with Sequined Applique, Vinyl Belt & Scarf.Small 5-7,Medium 9-11,Large 11-13.
The 80's Celebration Dress Costumes
$59.99 to $65.99
This cute 80's Designer Dress Costume is not just high quality 80's clothes but Great 80s fashion look for your 80s party. 80s fancy dress comes in all sizes.
80's True Colors Designer Costume
The 80's True Colors is a creative designer original Dress that is totally eighties but is also elegant. An $89.00 retail price is temporarily on sale.
80s Rubik's Cube Dress
Rubik's Cube 80s fancy Dress includes Dress, Purse, Headband. Small (6-8),Medium (10-12), Large (14-16).
Watermelon Tutu Dress Costumes
Watermelon Tutu Dress Halloween Costumes include tutu dress and thigh high leggings. Very cool costumes for any party. The best cute costume idea.
Mail Order Bride Dress Costumes
Mail Order Bride Dress Costumes Includes Dress, Veil, Bouquet, & Ring. These cute and creative costumes fit size 4-10 dress size.
60's Mod Chic Dress
60's Costumes comes with dress, headpiece & sunglasses.
70's Hippie Girl Costume Dress
70's Hippie Girl Costume Dress Comes in Small/Medium (2-8), Medium/Large (8-14)
South Seas Siren
Pirate Halloween Costumes include Dress with hankerchief skirt and head tie. Comes in size Small(5-8), Medium (8-10), or Large (10-12)
Gigolette Pirate Wench Dress Costume
Pirate Halloween costume Includes top, skirt, overskirt, & bandana. Small, medium, or large.
80's Boy Toy Costume
Dress like Madonna with this 80's Boy Toy Dress includes Corset, tutu, gloves,belt and headband. Size Medium 10-12.
80s Awesome Costume
$34.99 to $36.99
80s Awesome Costumes include mini dress with attached petticoat, leggings, and hair scarf. Dress Size Small, Medium or Large. Great For A Madonna Costume.
80's Flashdance Sweatshirt Dress
80's Flashdance costumes include Sweatshirt Dress,legwarmers,& headband. Make great Halloween costumes or 80s Outfits.
80s Flashback Diva Dress (Plus Sizes)
$66.99 to $69.99
Zebra Print Shirt with Hot Pink accents.Battery operated LED lights sewn into skirt for added sparkle. Laced hot pink bow is totally 80s. Skirt lights up for beauty. Plus sizes only.
80's Uptown Girl (Fuchsia) Costumes
The 80's Uptown Girl(Fuchsia)Costumes are designer 80's clothes originals. An 80's Dress that is totally eighties fashion but is also elegant. This 80's..
80's Petticoat Neon Green
80's Petticoat Neon Green fits up to size 10 dress size. Great for you 80's Outfits, or 80s Halloween costumes.
80's Flashdance Costume
$46.99 to $52.99
Flashdance Costumes include Grey off the shoulder sweatshirt(Flash Dance cut), Black Legwarmers, Special Quality Flash Dance Wig, & Black knit Break Dancing..
80s Pac-Man Style Dress Yellow
80s Pac-Man Style Dress Yellow fits size 4-10 dress size. 80's Fancy Dress Pac-Man Style dress is perfect for your 80s Party.
Fever Luscious Luau Dress
Fever Luscious Luau Dress.Small (6-8), Medium (10-12)
Head Bangin Hottie
Head Bangin Hottie Halloween costume includes dress, Gloves, & Necklaces. Small (1-5), Medium (5-7), or Large(8-12).
Pac-Man Screen Tank Dress
Pac-Man Screen Tank Dress fits up to size 10 Dress size.
Black & Red Rocker Dress
This rocker dress can be used as a costume or everyday use.
80's Petticoat Dress
80's Petticoat Dress with attached crinoline. Add your own accessories to make your ultimate Madonna or 80's Popstar costume. Fits 5-14 dress size.
Gold Witch Costume
Costume Includes Dress, Hat & belt. Sizes Small(6-8), Medium(10-12).
Hot Stuff Red Costume
Hot Stuff Red Halloween Dress Costume...
Maria La Fay Pirate
Jacket w Attached Blouse, Pants and Hat. Standard size
Mummy Doll Costume
Costume comes with Dress, Bodice & Neck piece. Sizes Small (6-8) & Medium (8-10)
Peacock Dress Costumes
Peacock Dress Costumes come with Hat, Dress with Fan Tail. Fits size 6-12
Piano Dress
This piano dress can be used as Costume or everyday use. It's a great Halloween costume dress..
Pink Pirate Costume
Includes 1 Piece Dress, Shirt Ruffled Tunic, Jacket And Hat. Sizes Small (6-8), & Medium (8-10)
Rock Goth Costume Dress
Rock Goth Costume Dress is perfect for halloween costume parties.Fits Small ( 1-5), Med (5-7), Large (8-12)
Rockin Witch Costume
Rockin Witch Costume includes dress & hat. Makes a great halloween or gothic costume.
Skulls Dress Rock Costumes
Skulls Dress Rock Costumes. Halloween dress Includes Top, Skirt, Gloves, Tiara, & stockings. Fits size 4-10 dress
The Witch Costume
The Witch Costumes come with Top, Skirt, Cape, & Hat.
80's Material Girlie
80's Material Girlie Costumes include Dress.Great Madonna fashion. One size fits most. Fits up to size 14
Witchy La Bou Costume
Costume Includes Hat, Bustier, Bloomers, Tutu & Shoe Ribbons. One Size Fits (4-10)
80's New Wave Dress
80's New Wave Dress Costume
Funk Skulls Dress
Funk Skulls Dress Costume Fits to size 12.Popular Halloween Costume.
Glam Rock Guitar Black Costume Dress
Glam Rock Guitar Black Halloween Costumes include Dress, Headband & Gloves. Fits size 4-12
Glam Rock Guitar Pink
Glam Rock Guitar Pink Halloween Costumes include Dress, Headband & Gloves. Fits size 4-12
Glam Rock Guitar Red
Glam Rock Guitar Red Halloween Costumes include Dress, Headband & Gloves. Fits size 4-12
Pink/Black Rocker Dress
Rock Dress comes in sizes Small (1-4), Medium (5-7), Large (8-11)Makes a great halloween costume.