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Celebrity Costumes
80's Groove Outfit Costumes
These creative designer 80's fashion outfits are 80's clothes as well as a costume. This 80s clothing dress includes skirt, Camisole, Lace shirt...
California Girl Costume
These California Candy Girl Celebrity Costumes include dress with candy adorned top. Small (4-6), Medium (8-10), Large (12-14)
Candy Girl Wig Pink
Candy Girl Wig Pink Goes with Katy Perry Celebrity and California Girl costumes.
Candy Girl Wig Blue
Candy Girl Wig Blue Goes with Katy Perry Celebrity and California Girl costumes.
California Girl Costume Kids
California Girl Costume Kid features dress with multicolor skirt and candy adorned top. Child sizes Small (4-6),Med (8-12), Large(12-14)
Candy Girl Wig Kids Blue
Candy Girl Wig Kids Blue goes with kids California Girl Costume
California Girl Wig (Black) Adult
California Girl Wig (Black) Adult goes with California Girl Costumes and all celebrity costumes.
Lady Gaga Star Dress
Lady Gaga Star Dress includes dress. Sizes Small (6-10) or Standard (10-12) Great Halloween Costume.
Lady Gaga Curly Blonde Wig
Lady Gaga Curly Blonde Wig goes with Lady Gaga Star Dress and all other Lady Gaga Costumes.
Lady Gaga Straight Blonde Wig
Lady Gaga Straight Blonde Wig goes with all Lady Gaga Celebrity Costumes.
Dale Earnhardt Adult Costume
Dale Earnhardt Adult Costume includes jumpsuit with team logos and attached belt, cap with print, and glasses with logo. Sizes Large (42-44) or X Large (44-46) Chest size.
Dale Earnhardt JR Toddler
Dale Earnhardt JR Toddler Sports Costumes has jumpsuit with team logos and attached belt, cap with print and glasses with logo.
Lady Gaga American Flag
Lady Gaga American Flag includes top, briefs, wig, headband, and 4 finger gloves. Small size (2-6)
Lady Gaga Swimsuit
Lady Gaga Celebrity "Poker Face" Swimsuit and gloves. Small size (2-6)
Lady Gaga Grammy's Costume
Lady Gaga Grammy's Celebrity Costume includes top, skirt, jacket, and hat. Standard size fits up to dress size 12.
Rihanna Black Vinyl Concert Outfit
Rihanna Celebrity Black Vinyl Concert Outfit includes Bra, Body strap, and Skirt. Fits Large dress size 10-14, or Medium 6-10.
Rihanna Pink Bodysuit Concert Outfit
Rihanna Pink Bodysuit concert outfit. Rihanna Costumes include top, nude tank top, and briefs. Fits dress size 6-10.
Rihanna Blonde Brown Wig
Rihanna Blonde Brown Wig goes with all Rihanna Costumes.
Rihanna Red Dress
Rihanna Red Dress includes dress with flowers and netting. Fits Large dress size 10-14, or Medium 6-10.
Queen Of Pop Rihanna Wig
Rihanna Queen Of Pop Wig goes with all Rihanna costumes and Rihanna Outfits.
Rihanna Black Short Wig
Rihanna Black Short Wig goes with all Rihanna Costumes,Fancy Dress, and Rihanna outfits.
Last Friday Night Costume
Last Friday Night Katy Perry costume includes Katy Perry dress and belt. Size small 2-6, Medium 6-10.
Last Friday Night Adult Wig
Last Friday Night Katy Perry wig includes Katy Perry wig,headpiece and teeth with braces.
Smurf Dress
This creative celebrity Smurf Dress includes 80's Smurf dress. Size small 2-6, Medium 6-10, Large 10-12.
Lady Gaga VMA Performance
Lady Gaga VMA Performance Costume includes Top with Sleeve, Shorts, Boot Tops, Eye Mask. Small Size 6-10 Dress size.
Lady Diva
Lady Diva costume includes Lady Gaga dress costume. Comes in Xsmall 2-4,Small 6-8, Medium 10-12, Large 14-16.
LMFAO Costume
LMFAO Costume includes jacket with attached shirt, and pants. Wig not included. Celebrity costumes fit up to 44" jacket size for standard size and....
Pop Superstar "Censored"
Pop Superstar "Censored" Rihanna includes newspaper print dress with "Censored" print on bust and 2 tone fur boa. Small 4-6, Medium 8-12 dress size.
Pop Superstar "Censored" Wig
Pop Superstar "Censored" wig Goes with Pop Superstar "Censored" Rihanna costumes, and all celebrity costumes.
Leopard Rap Superstar
Leopard Rap Superstar "Rihanna"comes with leopard print long sleeve mini dress with mesh lined side cutouts and matching leggings. Medium 8-10 dress size
Leopard Rap Superstar Wig
Leopard Rap Superstar Wig goes with all Rihanna costumes and celebrity costumes.
California Gurl Cupcake Costume
California Gurl Cupcake Katy Perry Costume includes Top with molded cupcakes and shorts.
Katy Perry Whipped Cream Costume
Katy Perry Whipped Cream Costume includes Top With Silly String Feature and Shorts with attached Garter. Comes in Small(2-6) or Medium (8-10) Dress sizes.
Lightning Rocker
Lady Gaga Costume includes bodysuit with skirt, belt, and gauntlet glove. Sizes Small/Medium 2-6 Dress size, Medium/Large 8-12 dress size.
Leopard Look Wig
Nicki Minaj Leopard Look Wig goes with all Nicki Minaj costumes.
Nicki Minaj 2 Tone Harajuku Wig
Nicki Minaj 2 Tone Harajuku Wig goes with all Nicki Minaj costumes.
Nicki Space Suit
Nicki Space Suit includes jumpsuit, belt. Sizes Small (6-10), Medium (10-14)
Korean Pop Star
Korean Pop Star includes blue blazer with black trim, sunglasses and bow tie. These are easy costumes for guys to dress up. Size Large/Xlarge adult costume.
80's Rocker Diva
80's Rocker Diva Madonna costumes include dress, jacket, belt, necklace, and headband.
The 80's Diva Star Costume
These designer 80's Outfits comes in Dress size Small Med & Large. These 80's Costumes or clothing is a high quality Designer Outfit & includes skirt,...
80's True Colors Designer Costume
$33.99 to $36.99
The 80's True Colors is a creative designer original Dress that is totally eighties but is also elegant. An $89.00 retail price is temporarily on sale.
50's Gold Elvis Costumes
$53.99 to $58.99
50's Elvis Costumes include matching jacket and pants.
60's Babe Wig
60's Babe Wig goes with all Cher costumes and 60s costumes.
Material Pop Star
$56.99 to $59.99
Material Pop Star includes black dress with lace panels, deep V and metallic star overlay, gloves, hair bow, necklace, and leg warmers.
80's Lucky Diva Costume (Madonna Costumes)
These designer 80's Madonna Costumes come in Small Med & Large. Awesome Madonna Costume
80s Fancy Dress Lace Gloves
80's Fancy Dress Lace Gloves goes with all 80's Madonna fancy dress costumes.
80's Pop Tart Costume
Pop Tart 80s Costumes include 80s fancy Dress, top, and headband. Size small(6-8), or Medium (10-12).
80's Funky Popstar (Madonna Costume)
80's Funky Popstar (Madonna Costume) Costumes include Tank Top, Lace Over blouse, Belt, Skirt, & Pants. Fits up to size 14.
80's Party Girl (Cyndi Lauper)
80's Costume includes camisole, corset, reversible pettiskirt, & legwarmers. Small/Medium (3-9) or Large/XLarge (10-14)
Freddy Mercury Queen Costume
Celebrity Freddy Mercury Queen 80s costumes include jacket and pants. Standard size fits up to 44" Jacket size, Xlarge fits 44"-46" jacket size
Cyndi Mullet Wig
Cyndi Mullet Wig goes with any Cyndi Lauper Costume or 80's outfits.
80s Dance Party Princess
These Dance Party Princess 80's Costumes includes tank top, reverseable corset belt & Skirt, and 80's leg warmers. Standard size 80's clothes fits most.
Black Suit Costume
Black Suit 80s outfits can be used as Blues Brothers costume, secret agent, or what ever creative 80's costume ideas you have. One size fits most up to 6 ft-200 pounds.
80s Sharp Dressed Man
$29.99 to $79.99
Sharp Dressed Man 80s Costumes include Rocker Hat, Wayfarer sunglasses, and ZZtop style beard. Easy 80s fashion ideas for any guy to dress for your party.
80's Bride Costume
Sexy 80's Bride Madonna Costumes include the white spaghetti strap top with a ruched bust and a layered lace accented skirt, belt sash with a big bow,...
80s Awesome Costume
$34.99 to $36.99
80s Awesome Costumes include mini dress with attached petticoat, leggings, and hair scarf. Dress Size Small, Medium, Large or XLarge. Great For A Madonna Costume.
Top Gun Bomber Jacket Set (Men's)
Top Gun Bomber Jacket Set (Men's)Costumes include jacket and sunglasses. Comes with Maverick patch. How easy are these Halloween costumes for guys?
80s Chameleon Hat
$17.99 to $38.99
80s Chameleon Hat goes with all 80's fashion Boy George costumes, or any pop star celebrity. Just add some 80's clothes.
80's Diva Costume (Madonna Costumes)
Costume Includes Dress, Leggings, Glovettes, Wristbands, Chain, Belt & Headpiece. Madonna Costumes Standard Size Fits up to size 10.
80s Royal Rocker Costume
80s Royal Rocker Costume includes jacket with shirt front. Fits up to 44 jacket size.
Billy Idol Costume
Billy Idol Wig,Punk Sunglasses, Double Studded Wrist Band, Studded Punk Collar, Punk Gloves, Sleeveless Black Rocker Mesh Shirt (Med-Large), & Tattoos.
80's Cindi Costume
Includes Leotard with attached Skirt, beads and red lace headpiece. Great 80s fancy dress ideas.
Rehab Babe (Amy Winehouse)
Costume includes dress, belt and headpiece.
Michael Jackson Bad Costume
80'S Billy Idol (Willie) Costume
Includes Shirt with zipper, & Pants. Sizes Small (36-38), Medium (40-42), Large (44-46), XLarge (48-50).
80's Wild Child Costume
$49.99 to $69.99
Wild Child Costume comes with black and gold jacket, black top, tutu, black lacy leggings and white lace gloves. These Madonna costumes rock.
80's Rock Star (White)
Costume on sale! Includes a white dress with bottom half being sheer, black leggings, lace gloves, pearl necklaces, black bow hairpiece, and sunglasses. Sale Item-No Refunds!
80s Cheech Costume
80s Cheech Costume includes Pants, suspenders,shirt,bandana,wig & beard, and red cap. Celebrity costume Adult Standard fits most.
80's Icon Costume
Eighties Icon (Madonna Costumes)Includes velvet leotard,attached tulle skirt, and lace sleeves.
80's Supa Freakin Costume
$52.99 to $56.99
80's Costume(Rick James) comes with Wig, Jacket, and Pants.
80s Billie Jean Costume
80s Costumes Include Glitter Jacket, Glitter Shirt, Glitter Glove, and Glitter Socks. Medium Size Chest Size 38"-40" Waist 30"-34"
Kiss Starchild Rock The Nation Jacket
KISS Vinyl Studded Paul Stanley Jacket. STD Size 51" chest, 25" Length.
80's Borderline Costume
These Super Deluxe Madonna Costumes come with Leotard, Pants, Skirt, Mitt Gloves & Belt.
80's Boy George Costume
$38.99 to $52.99
80s Costumes include Long Boy George style Jacket, & hat with braids.
80's Hollywood Rocker Wig
80's Hollywood Rocker Wig
70's-80's Rocker (KISS) Costume
70's Rocker (KISS) Costume Costume Black Jumpsuit with Silver Tabard
80's Punk Costume (Britney Spears)
Adult Female 80's Tartan Punk Chick(Britney Spears Costumes)Come With Red Tartan Tail Coat Jacket and Black Skirt.
80's Lucky Star Costume
Costume Comes with Top, Unitard, skirt, & Scarf.
80's Diva Blondie Costume
80's Costume includes: Dress & Bracelet.
80's Crimson Seductruss Costume
80's Crimson Seductruss Costume Fits XS/S (2-6) and Med/Large (8-12)
80's Icon Rock Star Costume
Costume comes with Top, Vest, Skirt, Belt and Leggings. Small (6-8), Med (10-12), Large (14-16)
80's Material Girlie
80's Material Girlie Costumes include Dress.Great Madonna fashion. One size fits most. Fits up to size 14
80's Material Girl Costume
$59.95 to $62.99
Eighties Madonna(material Girl) Includes Top and Pants.
80's Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket
$49.99 to $54.99
80's Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket Thriller Pleather Michael Jackson Jacket with Front Zip & Snaps.
80's Rod Stewart Costume
80's Rod Stewart Costume Includes Leopard Trousers, & Gold Jacket
Beat it Jacket
Michael Jackson liscensed Beat It Jacket
MJ Popstar Afro Wig
MJ Popstar Afro Wig Goes with all Michael Jackson Costumes and N.W.A.Costumes.
Slash Costume
$42.99 to $53.99
Slash Rock Costumes include deluxe rocker wig, hat, & the sunglasses. Slash Deluxe Rock Costumes include deluxe rocker wig,rocker Vest, hat,the sunglasses.